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Active Learning Chess or Videogame Creation Summer Camps - $75 towards 1 week

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75 USD
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25 USD

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You are bidding on a $75 gift certificate towards one week of full day summer camps for USA Chess, or for the Active Learning Gamebuilder Video Game Creation camps. 

Chess Classes & Camp Locations

 USA Chess is the largest and premier chess camp organizer for children in the United States. Our staff  is comprised of the finest children's chess instructors in North America. Campers experience chess instruction and play in a fun filled environment designed to improve their skills whether they are interested in casual or competitive chess.

Program includes a mix of classroom instruction and practice sessions. Instructors use a variety of teaching tools including demo boards, worksheets, stories and historic games to keep class time interesting. During snack/practice time campers play each other and practice the concepts learned in class.


USA Chess thrives on providing a structured environment that is extremely conducive to learning chess. We hand-pick the best children's chess instructors from all over the United States and bring them to each camp. We believe our team is most effective in teaching chess to children of all ages and levels.  

Game Builder Classes & Camp locations

Introductory Video Game Creation Program
 Starting with basic commands, campers will be taught in a step-by-step progression how to build a game that they design. Camp begins with an introduction to Game Maker software including adding rooms, building walls, adding backgrounds, warping to new levels, music, sound effects and many other great techniques. Campers can continue to develop their games and create new ones as well. Finally they will receive t-shirts, trophies and a certificate with photo.

Video Game Creation - The Sequel
In the spirit of Mario, Sonic, Samus and other legendary video-game stars come our newest camp class! Campers use Game Maker software to create a side-scrolling, platform game with running, jumping, falling, climbing, blasting, and enemy stomping!  Students will incorporate real world physics like gravity and friction, while plotting out head scratching mazes for themselves and other avid gamers to solve!  Each student’s game will be a unique adventure programmed entirely by him or her! Additionally campers receive access to our custom download site featuring thousands of games as well as a t-shirt, certificate with photo and a trophy.

Animation Creation
Using Scratch software developed by MIT, participants are guided step by step through the basics while creating their own 3D animated story, with a focus on fun. Campers will select from a gallery of animated characters called sprites. They will teach them walk, run, dance, turn around and respond to keyboard input. Students will learn to change backgrounds, add music, play catch, and other cool features. After the end of camp they can install the software and story from our custom download site for further development or to simply show off.

Learn to Fly
Wouldn’t it be great to learn how real pilots fly airplanes, from takeoff to landing and everything in between? Well, the Active Learning Flight School is just the program you are looking for. Our instructors utilize Microsoft Flight Simulator Software combined with a joystick and netbooks computer to create a custom flight simulator. The hand’s on simulator training is complemented by daily lessons on topics like lift, drag, weight and thrust. Campers will even complete contests and missions along the way the way.  At the end each participant will receive a tee shirt, trophy and a certificate with photo. 

For more information, visit http://chesscamp.com/

Terms and Conditions: Schedule based on availability and subject to change. Certificates are not redeemable for cash and may not be combined with any other offer. Certificates are not combinable. 

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