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Aurora Police Department SWAT - Chief Daniel Oates*

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The Aurora Police SWAT Team was formed in 1977 as a small long-rifle team to provide counter-sniper capability and firepower to deal with suspects more heavily armed than regular patrol officers. Over time, it has developed into an award-winning, nationally recognized 35-member team of highly trained professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to deal with any emergency or extraordinary threat to the citizens of Aurora.

The SWAT team's logo features a fire-breathing mythical dragon, symbolizing the fierceness and strength of the team. The dragon is enclosed in a diamond shape with the words "Aurora SWAT" above the leading edges. The design also incorporates two meaningful numbers in it: "2075"' commemorating the first ever hostage rescue performed by the Aurora SWAT team at 2075 Potomac Street in 1987; and "9937" commemorating another successful hostage rescue which occurred at 9937 E. Louisiana in 2003.

The team trains extensively in the use of less-lethal munitions and uses a variety of systems to aid in capturing suspects without having to resort to deadly force. In 2011, the Aurora Police SWAT Team was involved in over 400 operations, ranging from dignitary protection to hostage rescue.

The Team also gives back to the community it serves. The team participates in community gatherings and events, displaying equipment and talking to citizens. It participates in educational events such as the Citizen's Police Academy and Leadership Aurora. During the holiday season, the team serves as ambassadors at the Ronald McDonald Houses of Aurora and Denver, serving breakfast to the families staying at the homes. The SWAT team is a well recognized and beloved symbol of the Aurora Police Department.

Item Special Note

This mask includes a premium - SWAT unit sweatshirt with emblems/patches and police coins.

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