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Home Energy Audit

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Included is an in-home evaulation and final report. Below is the process for a home performance evaluation:

1) Blower door test – this tests the home's overall leakiness and identifies areas that should be air sealed. (One reason for energy loss is leaks and the need for air sealing)

2) The infrared camera and a smoke stick tools are used when the blower door is in operation to identify potential problem areas.  Areas of leakage are “visible” with the IR camera technology and the smoke stick allows us to see air move around doors and windows.

3) Ventilation testing – the actual air flow is measured of bath and kitchen fans and any other ventilation equipment.   Included in the final report is a comparison of your ventilation versus the newest indoor air quality guidelines.

4) Thermal envelope – all accessible areas are evaluated: attic, crawlspaces, foundation, sill box area, and above grade exterior walls for proper and adequate insulation installation.

5) Combustion safety – your furnace and water heater are tested to make sure that they are drafting properly (moving carbon monoxide up and out the chimney) and that they are burning efficiently. 

Then, a comprehensive evaluation report is provided of what your opportunities for improvements are and how to go about fixing them or which contractors to hire.

The report includes all testing results:

-furnace/boiler, water heater performance and safety.

-blower door results, i.e. how leaky is my home and where are the leaks.

-levels of insulation that you have versus what you should have.

-ventilation/indoor air quality guidelines to acceptable humidity levels in homes.

-digital infrared photos of areas of leakage and how to fix them. 

The report prioritizes of all the different improvements you could possibly do. I prioritize according to return on investment – and comfort!!

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