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"Energy Explained" Volumes 1 & 2

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Energy Explained, the 2-volume set from Rowman & Littlefield, is the first comprehensive survey of the energy world written specifically for the lay reader.

Energy is truly the world's most vital commodity. It makes modern societies possible and the decisions made regarding it have far-reaching repercussions. Every day stories about the price of oil, the resurgence of nuclear power or the latest clean energy alternative can be found in mainstream news outlets across the country.

Yet despite its high profile, energy remains largely misunderstood. People are confused, intimidated and generally discouraged from learning about energy, partly because the topic is so large and opaque, but also because the resources that do exist fail to provide an overall picture the average reader can understand.

Here, in easily accessible language accompanied by simple illustrations of difficult concepts, the authors lay out the basics of energy in a palatable and refreshing way. Readers are treated to a vivid presentation of the basics of energy science, alongside the politics, economics and social issues that impact its harnessing, distribution and use.

Anyone interested in how energy truly works will find answers in these pages that shed light on the past, present and future of world energy.

Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire reveal that they are “on a mission for energy literacy” in the opening to their two-volume energy explained books, and I hope they complete that mission. What they don’t completely reveal is just how fun the journey will really be (though there are a few hints). This is NOVA narrated by Jon Stewart, Nature reinterpreted by Stephen Colbert. As witty as it is informative, I honestly wish that I’d had these books around when I began in this industry a decade ago and didn’t know a watt from a whatchamacallit.”

Kathleen Davis
Senior Editor, POWERGRID International


The purpose of this book can be found in the preface’s title: A Call for Energy Literacy… Vikram Janardhan and Bob Fesmire are optimists. Their method… is to take a weighty subject and make it an easy read.

Robert Schaefer
New York Journal of Books

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Being that the authors have no say in how the publisher has priced these books (cough cough), this is a rare oportunity to get this great set of books and also benefit our very own Netroots Nation.

Note that this auction is for one set of two books!

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