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Win this unique opportunity for your budding scientist to spend an afternoon in a professional science lab with Professor Theodore Muth at Brooklyn College!  The lab experience will be geared to children but will be exciting and engaging for all ages.   Lab experience options will include the opportunity to culture bacteria and fungi, stain bacteria from your skin and mouth for observation under the microscope, examine environmental samples brought into the lab (insects, plants, water samples, moldy fruit or bread, etc.), isolate DNA from cells, visualize and manipulate DNA samples, prepare and analyze a blood smear, perform blood group typing and collect samples for microbial diversity analysis using next generation DNA sequencing applications.  Professor Muth will help you to decide which techniques and activities you would like to be a part of your customized lab experience.  The hands-on lab experience is for up to four people (and should include at least one adult) and will last 2-3 hours.