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ART: Bold & Beautiful

"Umbrella Street" by Artist Derek Rutt: 10x8" Canvas!

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"Umbrella Street" by Artist Derek Rutt:  10x8" Canvas!

Gallery List Price:  $1,000.00

By popular demand, a NEW SIZE Canvas, for ART LOVERS with limited wall space!  For those who are also following the new trend of creating an entire wall space with multiple canvases, ("mosaic style/side by side flush wall scaping" without the need or cost of a frame as seen recently in many films and TV shows, where the way cool, and the very home decor elite set the trends!) Make an impact to WOW your friends and guests as one singular sensation of your favorite canvas prints!) 

Pre-stretched, ready to showcase in your home, office, restaurant, hotel; place of business!

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About the Artist:  Derek Rutt

Introduction by Wendie Busig-Kohn:

When I first discovered the brilliant art works of Artist Derek Rutt, my first impression was that I wanted to step into each scene, smell every flower.  More than renowned artists like Renoir, Van Gogh, or even Rembrandt, he takes us to places we have been, and to other scenes throughout the world, we have yet to travel to.  I see so much beauty in each and every brush stroke!  His works tell us a story; his story.  We are inspired as we travel throughout the world, through the genius of his paint brushes!  He is not only a brilliant artist, he is a modest one.  Quietly creating masterpieces for all of us to share in our homes, ART4GOOD Foundation is truly honored to represent this artist!


Derek Rutt was born in London in 1938 just before the second world war which had a great effect on his life .  He was born to a well off family who had a business of paper making .
He was educated in private schools and when he was 13 he was sent to Aldenham a top public school. He was always interested in art and took extra classes and won first and second prizes at the age of 15…. in art but he never went to an art school.

When he left school at the age of 18 he wanted to go to drama school or art college but his mother and father insisted that he went into the family business of paper making.
He never liked the office business and at night trained as an actor and always painted.

The company sent him to the factory which he liked as it was creating something……however at night time he was doing cabaret work as a comedy magic act.

Eventually in 1978 at the age of fourty he left the business and went full time as an entertainer although he had been a semi professional for almost 15 years before. During this time Derek was always interested in painting as it seemed to be natural to him.
He was very successful at this and played almost every Theater in the UK and acted in movies and TV plays .

He played the evil witch in a fantasy show in the west end of London and played it all over the UK for 5 years . 

He also received a Variety club award ….a great honour and won the Ivy leaf trophy for the best act in 1979

He came to Thailand in 1988 and live on the Island of Phuket for 6 years where he started painting seriously …as he says “there is so much feeling in Thailand and such wonderful subjects and the light is great!!”

He was still doing magic shows and acting and eventually came to Bangkok in 1994 where he then appeared so many times on TV and in the clubs …hotels and all over Thailand .
Again during this time he was painting .

He stopped performing about 7 years ago and now is a full time Professional Artist living in Bangkok Thailand.


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