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*"#106": WEARABLE ART! BOMBER JACKET! "Now I Know" by Brandon Scott

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$395 USD
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$175 USD

Item Description

*"#106":  WEARABLE ART!  BOMBER JACKET!  "Now I Know" by Brandon Scott

ART WORK  will cover the front and back of the bomber jacket / The backside will mirror the front / You can select either black or white for the collar, cuffs, hem, zipper and lining/ This jacket features PAOM straps inside / Body is 100% nylon, lining is 100% nylon, ribbing 100% cotton /

Custom Made:  Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Since every piece is custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: 13"W x 17"H x 4"D

Shipping, Processing, Handling and Performance Fee:  $29.95*


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About The Artist:  

Bradenton artist Brandon Scott captures the inward journey through bold, colorful expression—whether figuratively or abstractly. His style involves painting “from the inside out”, allowing the image to unfold organically, layer upon layer. The artist’s intention is to uplift and inspire the viewer with images that feed the heart and soul.

Brandon Scott was born in Long Island; New York, and is of Lithuanian descent. Growing up in a large city inspired him in his use of colors. This defines his vivid dream like style. Brandon fell in love with community driven art scene of NYC. He later relocated the amazing art community of Bradenton, Fl. in 1987. He started a career in steel erection to pay his bills. As he found out this would not be his true calling in life 

Brandon Scott is a self-taught artist that paints from strong emotions. Brandon’s media of choice is sporadic. However, he tends to lean towards acrylics and watercolors. When Brandon is painting, he has to be inspired in a way so he can paint from his subconscious point of view. 

Brandon started his career in art much later in his life. Not going public till 2010. In just a short time to get himself out there. He displayed at many local art walks and tent shows as possible. Soon after the first season, his work was starting to catch on and several galleries would start to display his work 

Brandon has strong social media presence that gets him out to international markets. He covers all aspects of social media, 
Which has landed his work in several juried art shows and solo exhibits. 

Brandon also is a writer and blogger you can find his art related articles on the Village magazine, Bradenton patch, and Arts, artist and artwork