Peconic Green Growth – 2014 AUCTION to benefit PECONIC GREEN GROWTH
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Scott McIntire - The Flatiron Building

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$2,000 USD

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enamel on canvas, 48 x 32

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Color is of primary importance to me. It has been a focal point since I studied under the color theorist Albert King at the Art Center College of Design. As one of his protégés, I went on to teach color theory and drawing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Because of this interest in color I use enamel paint in order to achieve a higher chromatic brilliance and to gain a greater variety of colors.

The genres in which I work are related to cityscape, landscape or still-life, with important variations. I want a more complex statement about the subject, one that will elevate it to iconic status. For me the subject is more than just its physical self, it exists in an energized environment that reflects my experiences with it.

Space is an evolving element in my paintings. I have moved away from the traditional space of photorealism to a more ambiguous space that exists on the canvas surface where an object participates in a nonlinear narrative with other images and marks. This layering of ingredients is a more satisfying way for me to make visible the barrage of information that we are exposed to each day.