ArtCure 2016 – ART TO BEAT CANCER for Children's Research Institute 2015
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"Lobster Drop"

Item Number
Estimated Value
$5,800 USD
Opening Bid
$1,900 USD

Item Description

12" high x 16" wide, oil on linen

Artist: Kevin Macpherson

The final price for this painting will be MATCHED, thereby doubling your donation for impactful cancer research at Children's Research Institute in Dallas. 

Kevin Macpherson is one of the foremost Plein Air painters in America. Kevin is internationally recognized through his books, video instruction and the American Public Television series," Passport and Palette". His oil paintings are internationally collected; he exhibits in the finest galleries, national and international exhibitions and museums.

Kevin is a passionate explorer and loves to experience different cultures and people. He has spent the last thirty years traveling the world for inspiration.

Macpherson's passion to paint took him to Taos, New Mexico to pursue easel painting and leave the advertising world. Although it was a risky step to leave a well-built reputation and a financially lucrative position he took the plunge to start over in the world of fine art. His guidance as president of Plein Air Painters of America literally paved the way for an important art movement in our country today.

Author of three books, two art instructional books that became best sellers in the genre. "Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color" has been translated in the Chinese language and sells well within China. "Landscape Painting Inside & Out" is now also being translated in Chinese. Kevin conducted workshops all over the world. The seminars fill quickly and he has an international following for his paintings, fascinating power point lectures, effective teaching skill, books and videos. Macpherson is well respected in the art community; he takes risks and raises the bar in the art field. He is member of many prestigious organizations for his artistic accomplishments and influence.

Macpherson produced instructional videos about his artistic process, more importantly he has co-produced, directed, written, worked on both sides of the video camera and was a featured artist on the 13-episode art program aired on American Public Television. "Passport and Palette", has documented a select group of artists painting on location in many fascinating places in the world. The artists share their vision and methods in the universal language of art,

Kevin has mentored aspiring artists in over a dozen countries. He loves to travel and share his art enthusiasm offering enlightened talks and inspiring educational experiences. The past five years he has brought artists groups to China and has explored China on his own immersing himself for months at a time in the rural countryside villages and large cities. Kevin is studying Mandarin and the written language.

Macpherson has been honored to exhibit with China's, "Creative Cities" exhibition recently held at the 2012 London Olympics. He also has been a guest of the Chinese Realists Painters of China to explore and paint in the province of Xinjiang, culminating in an impressive exhibition, "Affection of the Motherland" that has traveled to the major museums in Shanghai, Beijing, Urumuqi, Hong Kong and beyond.


My earliest memory is drawing on my grandfather¿s porcelain kitchen table. He taught me how to draw rabbits and turtles and would magically wipe the pencil marks off without ruining the table or getting in trouble. My childhood was focused on art, drawing, painting and modeling clay. I was always the best artist in my class however I never had someone to guide me into what a career as an artist may be.

Although art was the center of my life and I knew I would be a professional artist by the time I was seven I never had formal training until enrolled in Northern Arizona University. Fortunately majoring in illustration introduced me to wonderful instructor named Chris Magadini. He was an inspiring instructor that encouraged the best from his students. He became my first mentor and we remain friends and painting peers to this day.

My schooling and my eight years as a freelance illustrator were an excellent foundation for a fine artist. The demanding advertising field honed the skills that continue to influence my paintings. I continued my studies with many fine artists at the Scottsdale Artist's School. There my eyes were awakened to the new world of painting on location. The countless hours painting from life, directly observing nature and color taught me truly how to see as an artist.

This new unexpected path to improve my illustration skills changes my life in a big way. Although life as an illustrator was energizing and rewarding becoming a plein air artist represented in fine art galleries was icing on the cake. My second mentor was the landscape itself. Nature has all the truthful answers if we only ask many questions.

I have traveled most the world. New places and faces have inspired my work. Fresh locations keep my senses at their highest level. For the plein air artist travel is a perfect companion. I spend months at a time, away from home, painting every day and visiting museums and experiencing the lifestyle of many different cultures. Art is a universal language that opens many doors in every place I go. What inspire me are color, light and atmospheric effects. I actually do not know what the next motif will be. I must always be on call and be aware of my surroundings and accept the many opportunities that nature puts before me.

I live in a beautiful rural area high in the mountains east of Taos, New Mexico surrounded by pines, aspens and wild animals. The changing seasons have inspired many of my paintings including my series of 368 paintings titled, "Reflections on a Pond". This series really sums up what my painting is all about. Not so much about a beautiful subject out my window but the ever-changing light and atmosphere and compositional opportunities that nature puts forth.

Recent travels to Asia have surprisingly shifted some of my gears. I went as a landscape painter but I was so inspired by the people and faces of China I began painting portraits and figurative works. I find this subject very challenging. An artist must go with inspiration wherever that leads. It takes years to master the skills necessary to communicate inspiring works of art. It is dangerous to become complacent repeating one's success. Perhaps an artist may produce a satisfying product but it is not satisfying to repeat formulas from previous paintings. It is interesting that we work so hard to figure out, "how to do it", but when we reach that place of knowing most artists I admire will raise the bar and find new challenges. Searching for the unknown is what motivates true artists.

If I were to offer advice to an aspiring artist I would say find some good training to own the basic skills. Find the right schools, the right mentors and workshops. Dedicate the hours and years necessary to master the principles and foundations. With the right guidance from a giving mentor or instructor you will save much time in your advancement. The desire and need to paint for yourself is more important than any great teacher for they can guide you and inspire you but if you're not self-motivated one will never reach full potential. There may be many obstacles and discouragement along the way but if a person follows their dream the life as an artist will never feel like work.

Visit museums, galleries and peruse books to find many artists, abstract and representational, which touch you and perhaps have a similar art vocabulary to confirm your own voice. In fact finding your "own voice" trusting and believing in yourself and what you have to offer is most important. There are many good artists available to look at, to compare and persuade you to copy their methods. All the great masters were humans and yes they are great and we put them on a pedestal but each of you have something worthy and unique to say. Believe in yourself. If you had the choice to paint like any artist in the world? There is really only one answer that is Y O U.

The nature of plein air painting forces an artist to paint at a speed that for many is very uncomfortable. I actually thrive on this anxiety state of mind. My skills must be in tune but secondary to my intuition for the impassion race against the fleeting effects of nature.

My simple palette; Alizarin Red, Cadmium Yellow Light, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White has served me well. I mix all the color relationships necessary with these three primaries and white. This limited palette is very liberating.

I profess create the big picture first; the biggest simplified shapes as the most important representation of light and shadow. Each of the major shapes that best represent the simplified concept of your painting must be related properly before one worries about the insignificant shifts in temperature and value. If the big picture, major shapes, are not related properly all the detail and all the modeling one does will be incorrect and will be a waste of the artist's time. Start with the lightest light and the darkest dark. These two notes of color and value will set the high and low parameters to guide all other comparisons. Next relate all the colors in the shadow family. Use this simple method to infuse light and color into paintings. Each day each moment will require different combinations and different relationships of value and color. Observe directly and carefully for these relationships make each painting unique. When all color and values are related properly, all shapes and proportions properly placed and there are no more corrections necessary this is when I know my painting is completed.

Kevin Macpherson

After years as a successful freelance illustrator in Phoenix, Arizona, Kevin moved to Taos, New Mexico in 1987 to pursue his goals as a fine artist. He is a master of the art of painting outdoors directly from nature, en plein air. Macpherson is the former president and Signature Member of Plein Air Painters of America, Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, Master Artist of American Impressionist Society, and Member of the Salmagundi Club. He is an Out-of-State Artist Member of the California Art Club. Galleries in New Mexico, and California represent his work. He has authored three books, Reflections on a Pond, Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color and Landscape Painting-Inside and Out and Kevin¿s technique is demonstrated on videos and is now on nationwide American Public Television with a 13-part series, ¿Passport and Palette¿, Following the Master Artists on an Artistic Expedition of the World.

Northern Arizona University, Bachelor in Fine Art, 1978. Has taken numerous classes at Scottsdale Artists¿ School since 1983 to present.

2010 One man Exhibition, The Salmagundi Club, ¿Reflections on a Pond¿, (New York, NY)
2010 Invitational, The Salmagundi Club, ¿American Masters¿, (New York, NY)
2009 Invitational, ¿American Legacy¿, Plein Air Painters of America, The Haggin Museum
2009 One man Exhibition, Middletown Arts Center, ¿Reflections on a Pond¿, (Ohio)
2009 Invitational, ¿Wet Paint 2009¿, Coleman Fine Art, (Charleston, SC)
2009 Invitational, Maui Plein Air Painting, (Maui, Hawaii)
2008, 2009 Invitational, ¿Taos Living Masters¿, (Taos, NM)
2008 Torrey Pines Art Invitational, (San Diego, CA)
2008 Invitational, ¿Catalina Island Plein Air Exhibition, Catalina Island Museum
2008 Invitational, ¿Catalina Island Plein Air Event¿, Catalina Island, CA
2007 Invitational, ¿From the Heart¿, Plein Air Painters of America, The Haggin Museum
2007 - 2009 Invitational American Art in Miniature, Gilcrease Museum (Tulsa, OK)
2007 Invitational, ¿Where we are in America: From Sea to Shining Sea¿, Cape Cod, MA

2006 One Man Exhibit, Pasadena Museum of California Art, ¿Reflections on a Pond¿
2004 ¿ 2007 Invitational, ¿Sea to Shining Sea: A Reflection of America¿, The Haggin Museum
2005 Invitational, ¿Plein Air New Mexico¿, (Santa Fe, NM)
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May 2009 - 2010 High-definition TV 13-part series airing nationally on American Public Television,
Passport and Palette, Following Master Artists on an Artistic Expedition of the World.
To air in the 2009 Public Television Broadcasting Cycle, this 30 -minute, 13-part series, shot in high definition, is the next generation of art education on television; designed to allow the viewing audience to see the world through the eyes of the Master Artists, while instructing in a visually interesting way those who want to learn and entertaining those who wish to virtually experience the creative process. Passport & Palette ¿ is shot all around the world following the Masters as they travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth, select their painting subjects and create new work before our eyes.

Dec 2007 Oil Painters of America, (Eastern Region), Award of Excellence as Best Master Signature Member
Oct 2007 Oil Painters of America, (Central Region), Award of Excellence as Best Master Signature Member
2007 California Art Club, 96th Gold Medal Juried Exhibition, Award of Excellence
2004 Oil Painters of America, (National) Donors Award
2002 Salon International 2002, Best of Show
2002 Oil Painters of America, Founders Award
2001 Oil Painters of America, (National) Donors Award
¿92, ¿95 Arts for the Parks, (Jackson Hole, WY) (Top 200)
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1996 Oil Painters of America, Peoples¿ Choice Award
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1993 Oil Painters of America, Best of Show (Regional)
1988 Visions of New Mexico, (Juried Show), First Place
1988 Parada Del Sol, Best of Show, (Juried Show), (Scottsdale, AZ)

2006 ¿Brush with Life¿ DVD/Landscape with Kevin Macpherson
2005 ¿Painting a Landscape from a Small Study¿, Kevin Macpherson
2004 ¿Winter Escape ¿ Inside With Plein Air Painter, Kevin Macpherson¿
2003 ¿Painting a Landscape¿, Kevin Macpherson

1991 - 2013 Macpherson workshop in Taos, New Mexico
2001 - 2010 En Plein Air Masters, Mentor Program (Greece, France, Spain, Belgium, Norway,
Iceland, Amsterdam, Canada, Turkey, New Zealand, Tahiti)
2001 - 2004 Hui No¿eau Art Center , (Maui, Hawaii)
Sept. 1999 Scottsdale Artist¿s School, (Provence, France)
Aug. 1995 Scottsdale Artist¿s School, (La Rochelle, France)
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1991, 1993 Art Guild, (Oklahoma City, OK)
1991, 1993, 1994 Art Guild, (Austin, TX)
1989 Taos Art Institute, (Taos, NM)



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