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BR11: Beautiful Pink Sapphire Signity Star Bracelet by Gems En Vogue

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  • Beautiful Pink Sapphire Signity Star Bracelet by Gems En Vogue,  Platinum/Sterling
  • Length:  7 inches
  • Signity Star Deluxe CZ:
  • Signity Star, Diamond & White Gemstone Properties Comparison Chart.
    Signity Star CZ - Diamond - White Sapphire - White Topaz - Moissanite
    Diamonds are no longer the only white gemstone suitable for use in fine jewelry.
    This article is a guide to compare Signity Star's and other white gem alternatives.
    The table below compares four alternate white gems used in many of our mountings.

    Click image to view a star.
    View a star evident in the ideal cut Signity Star CZ.
    Signity Star's are bright white with more sparkle than diamonds.
    Chart compares Signity Star CZ, white sapphire, white topaz and moissanite to diamonds.
    Gem Type
     (best grades)
    Dispersion or "Fire"
    The sparkly.
    Diamond 10 2.42 .044 Good to Excellent
    Signity Star 8.5 2.20 .065
    more than a diamond
    White Sapphire 9 1.766/1.774 .018 Excellent
    White Topaz 8 1.61/1.64 .014 Good
    Moissanite 9.25 2.648/2.691 .104 Excellent
    You have the option of selecting any of these gems for accent stones.

    About Signity Star.
    Signity Star is a high grade cubic zirconia cut to ideal standards for maximum reflection.
    As noted in the dispersion column Signity Stars are bright and sparkly and display more fire than the best grade of diamonds.

    Let's review the benefits of setting a mounting with Signity Star CZ.

    First of all fire, the sparkly:
    Signity Star's have more fire than diamonds at .065 dispersion compared to diamonds .044.
    They are the most brilliant CZ on the market, second to none.
    They are amazingly white, bright and sparkly.

    Why? How is this possible?

    Signity Star's excellent cut is equal to ideal cut diamonds, the best cut for reflection.
    Their cut is so accurate a star is visible through the top of the crown with a diamond scope.
    Signity Star is equal to "D" Color of diamonds, the whitest diamond grade.
    Signity Star's clarity is equal to internally flawless, extremely rare diamonds.

    More considerations.
    Setting charges: Less risk thus labor rates to set Signity Star's are less than diamonds.
    Color: Signity Star's are whiter than most diamonds on the market as "D" color diamonds are rare.
    Most important!
    Signity Star's cost much less than diamonds.

    Those are very good reasons to use Signity Star's for accents.

    Is this comparison fair? Probably not.
    After all diamonds grade variance is extremely wide, hence, diamonds extreme grading system.
    This comparison is of Signity Star's one and only grade up against the best grade of diamond.
    Perhaps that is a little unfair. To Signity Star's, that is.



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