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You are never too old to learn something new! Although Wendie's background and successes throughout her career are primarily those that required the "Art of Visualization and Organization", she is best quoted for saying two things relevant to the ARTS of all genres: "It is always the creative ones who truly change the world..Let's ROCK"...and "What you truly believe and perceive you can achieve..but it takes a lot of focus, due diligence and hard work!".

Wendie Busig-kohn "visualized" the concept for THE ARTIST IN YOU TV show. Read more about that here:

As a registered trademark, and so much more, the concept of building a global creative community began in 2010, with The Artist In You Group!

Later that year, she launched THE ARTIST IN YOU page ON FACEBOOK, with a mission to create a demand for a new and TRULY INTERACTIVE TV SHOW, that stands apart from current alternatives. Her goal was to inspire and motivate others to help her and her team stimulate support for a concept that would provide an opportunity for "everyone to participate, to benefit, to WIN!"

Not unlike Michael Jackson, Lady Ga Ga, and millions of others, Wendie suffers from SLE/LUPUS. A crippling disease, her spirit and determination has never ceased from giving this page, and all of the growing interactive programs likes The Artist In You TV channel, The Artist In You Blog, Art4Good Foundation, her dedication of 24/7...literally and figuratively. She often works up to 20 hours per day; not simply posting or directing her team, but visualizing the future and studying YOUR RESPONSES to each and every facet of the Mission of TAIY!! See more here: 

But, there have been days where it has been even impossible to find the strength to master those steps from her bed to the computer, and it was during one of those recent setbacks, that others encouraged her to begin to create...ART!

Her first attempt to learn, and grow and create as an "artist" herself, began in September...OF 2011!

She continues to challenge herself, as her illness challenges her, each day. 

But, at the end of every day, the focus, the determination, the courage...remains. A true believer in "The ART of HEALING...through creativity", her instinct and nature to excel will continue, and we hope YOU will enjoy and applaud these efforts, too!

Wendie was recently awarded ¿WOMAN OF THE YEAR¿ and also featured as one of the ¿GREATEST MINDS OF THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY¿ by The American Biographical Institute.

To date, since the inception of our web-site and auctions, Wendie has also achieved the distinction as the MOST HIGHLY COLLECTED ARTIST of more than 200 artists whose works we represent!

Wendie¿s works are now featured in 7 collectible ART BOOKS that donate proceeds to support keeping ARTS in the Schools!  See an ENTIRE PREVIEW of her own book entitled ¿ART AND HEALING¿ by clicking here:

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Special Instructions

Limited Edition Giclee Print
Size: 13" x 19" (with border)
Status: Unframed

GALLERY LIST PRICE:  $150-$200.00


Each reproduction is created using UV stable pigment based archival inks on Premium Picture paper, designed for the highest quality professional images, color intense, 10 mil, heavy weight, water resistant, acid-free. This unique paper provides instant drying and water resistant properties, eliminates smudging and fading, while the acid-free base materials ensure that each Inkjet Giclee print will still look great years from now.

What is the difference between a GICLEE Print

and a Poster or Standard Quality ¿ART PRINT¿?

SURFACE:  ALLOWS MUCH MORE INTENSITY of COLOR SATURATION!  Posters and typical art prints use less expensive papers that do not absorb the vibrant intensity of the artists¿ application of colors.  GICLEE PRINTS as described above DO!! 

NUMBER OF INKJETS and TYPE of INKS used:  A typical print; even most lithographs are produced with a limited number/range of color inkjets.  Using archival inks and a much more effective replication process with more inkjets and colors;  the variables and details of each work are much better represented in accordance with how the original artist painted them.