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"Regatta" by Donna Murphy Levites

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$250 USD
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$135 USD

Item Description

Encaustic painting using paint brushes, heat guns, hot plates and razors

14" x 26", on wood, framed

Fall 2012

The “Regatta” was inspired from scenes from the east coast and memories from the Bahama - Exuma Island, using primary iconic colors against the turbulent ocean waters and blustery skies.

Art is a way to share and present uplifting and colorful expressions and, inspiration, learned from life experienced inside and out, culminating in a blended interpretation and experimentation.

The challenge is to create art that is enjoyable to view over and over again in hopes of finding something that strikes you differently and new each time, causing you to explore your interpretation, and the comfort to see the familiar from your first study.



Special Instructions

Winning bidder is responsible for pick up or shipping costs of piece

Encaustic painting involves melting beeswax and damar resin to 225 degrees. Using heat to fuse and burn in the layers, and different tools to manipulate shapes such as brushes, irons, heat guns, razors and etching tools. Sometimes objects will be embedded: i.e., organic materials, papers, or stencils. Paintings can have multiple layers of wax, resulting in an interesting quality of depth and texture in a composition.

Care of your painting, is similar to any oil painting care: An annual light dusting or more often if you prefer is all that is needed to allow your painting to shine. Just like an oil painting you want to avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperature shifts. Safe temperatures are between 60-90 degrees.   Cold temperatures could make the painting brittle and extreme 160 degrees or above may make it melt or bubble.