Beber Camp Property Inc – Beber Camp's Seventh Annual Auction
Auction Ends: Jul 25, 2016 10:00 PM CDT


Polo Combo and Backpack BAM Bags

Item Number
Estimated Value
$136 USD
Opening Bid
$75 USD

Item Description

This package includes 1 Crimson Carry-all, 1 Sand Wristlet, 1 Black and Silver Mini, and 1 Black Backpack.

The Carry-All says it all. Carry your smart book, school supplies, work accessories, cosmetic bag...or use it as a clutch or wristlet.

Versatile, durable, and sporty, the backpack/messenger bag can be a school bag, computer bag, baby bag (that fits a double stroller) or a great travel bag. Each backpack/messenger bag has an interior zipper pocket, a second pocket and a snap hook for your keys or ID. The adjustable strap can convert the bag from a messenger to a backpack when you need to be hands free.

Special Instructions

Backpack/Messenger Bag is 16'' X 14''

Carry-All is 10.5'' X 8''