The Denver Hospice – The Mask Project 2016
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June & Alex Jurow

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Artist June Jurow, in collaboration with her 9 year old son Alexander, created this mask entitled "Love Sweet Love". A Canadian born writer, artist, painter and photographer, Jurow has traveled and lived around the world and has exhibited her works in galleries in Canada, Europe and Asia. Her specialty has been capturing ocean, sea life and landscapes. This piece is dedicated to the theme of peace and love showcasing her son's budding talent, with the inspiration of unity, peace and hope. Jurow says, "on a recent trip back to Hawaii, Alex placed a lei around my neck and said with love we have peace and with peace, we have joy!"

The leis that embrace the head of this mask signify peace and love. On the nose, the interface of the body and the external world, I wrote, "You are the light in the dark. The calm in the storm. The love in peace!" The musical note reminds us that "What the world needs now is love sweet love!" We all have a purpose in life and as complex as life may be at times, when we all come together as one, we accomplish and achieve such phenomenal heights. In embracing love and harmony, we just need to be reminded of these as often as possible.