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Hubry (TM) High-end Health Care neck cervical traction EMS therapy massage collar infrared

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$900 USD
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$300 USD

Item Description

Product Description

1. Flexible wings design to fit any size neck. 
2. Wireless controller with large clear LCD display. 
3. Low Frequency Electronic Impulse Accupunture: 16 levels intensity and 6 type impulses, it can accelerate blood circulation and relax muscle. 
4. Far infrared heating: with low and high temperature setting, it could dredge the body meridian,dispel the dampness and cold. 
5. Vibrating massage: 3 levels intensity, 6 kinds of massage ways, such as: Shiatsu, acupuncture, scratch, vibration, beating, rolling. 
Function character 

1. Designed by human body engineering. 
2.Two electronic pole patch built in. 
3. Massaging many part of the human body. 

PG-2601B neck massager can help you effectively solve the following symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis and other Neck Problems: 

1. Neck pain, stiffness that get worse over time 
2. Pain, numbness or abnormal sensations in the shoulders and arms 
3. Headaches, espeacially in the back of the head 
4. Dizziness, Loss of balance 
5. Irritable or Fatigue feeling, Insomnia caused by cervical spondylosis and other Neck Problems . 


neck massager intergrates Electronic ImpulseAccupunture, Far Infrared Heating,Vibrating Massage,Magnetic therapy to help you get the treatment effect as following : 

1. Renew to the natural bend constitute, release and eliminate bone hyperplasia. 
2. Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying. 
3. Release the pain from nerve pressure. 
4. Improve deep sleep. 
5. Regulate enginery of neck and relative organize. 

Package Content: 

Neck Massager 
Remote control 
Charger Adapter 
User's Manual 

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