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Upstate NY NFL Alumni

Heart Partner

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$2,000 USD
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$700 USD

Item Description

The HeartPartner™, developed by Sonostics, Inc. provides the optimal mechanical stimulation to the Meissner’s Corpuscles on the sole of the foot so that the soleus muscle reflex is initiated, and the soleus muscles contract.  Because this is essentially a muscle exercise, it is usually best to start the “exercise” regimen slowly, using the device for half an hour a day. Over time, the length of “exercise” duration can be extended.  One to two hours per day of usage has been found to be sufficient to train the solues muscle back to normal behavior in a period of six to eight weeks.

The human soleus muscles are capable of undergoing periodic contractions for more than 12-18 hours in the course of a day, so there is no concern about “over-training” the muscle. Further, there is no situation where there is supposed to be fluid pooled into the lower limbs, and so the pumping out of this fluid should not cause any complications.  However, if you have any concerns about whether the HeartPartner™ is the right approach for addressing your health concerns, you should discuss this option with your personal physician.


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