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MOCAheart - Personal Heart Health Tracker (Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Velocity)

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MOCAheart - Personal Heart Health Tracker (Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Velocity) for iOS and Android

MOCAheart is the ultimate companion for your health. After a quick 25-second scan of both thumbs, you’ll receive measurements of your heart rate, blood oxygen, and pulse wave velocity directly to your smartphone, along with lifestyle tips that will help you improve your health outcomes. Founded by an engineer and neurosurgeon from Stanford University, MOCAheart makes heart health monitoring effortless, giving you the heart health data and recommendations needed to take control of your cardiovascular health.


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Understand Your Heart

The heart is the powerhouse of the body. With each beat of the heart, it pumps blood throughout the cardiovascular system, supplying muscles and organs with oxygen and essential nutrients needed to carry out everyday activities. The speed at which blood travels through the vessels is your pulse wave velocity (PWV), an important indicator of your cardiovascular health. Higher PWV can be a sign of arterial stiffness and/or high blood pressure. This can be the result of stress or unhealthy lifestyle habits, and is a sign that you should take better care of your health. The good news is, even a small change to your lifestyle habits, such as your diet or exercise, can improve your PWV, and MOCAheart is here to help you achieve that by providing healthy lifestyle tips and recommendations that coach you toward a healthier self.

Track and Improve Your Heart Health

MOCAheart measures your PWV by using its EKG and PPG sensors. The EKG sensor captures the precise moment blood is pumped from the heart by detecting your heart’s electrical signals, and the PPG sensor receives a signal when blood reaches your fingertips - thus calculating the speed of your blood flow, or PWV. The MOCA INDEX is a reading on a simple 1-5 scale (5 being the highest) that reflects your PWV, correlated to blood pressure and vascular status; and was developed to give you an easy understanding of whether your PWV is in a healthy range. Combined with heart rate and SpO2 measurements provided by MOCAheart, you’ll receive a holistic view of your heart health; and by taking regular measurements, you can track how it improves over time.

Understand your heart health in 25 seconds

Receive your heart health vitals -- heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood velocity -- straight to your phone. Our app also provides lifestyle tips to help you improve or maintain your heart health.

See changes in your heart over time

Is your new workout regimen or improved diet working out for your heart? The Trends tab makes it easy to determine whether or not the lifestyle changes you're making are improving your heart health in the long run.

Share results with your doctors and loved ones

Gone are the days where you have to manually record your vitals. With easier and accessible private health messages, you'll experience an improved quality of care from your family, physician, and most importantly, yourself.

Item Special Note

Our goal is simple - to make caring for health an easy, intuitive, and reliable experience.

MOCAheart was born from an urging need. We noticed that beyond finding an easier way to take care of their health, our loved ones also wanted a better way to care for each other. Using personal life experiences, human-centered design principles, and the latest heart health technology, we've created a health companion that enhances the connection between you, your health, and your loved ones. We're excited and humbled by what the world is saying about MOCAheart: CNNMoney ranks it #2 on its 36 Coolest Gadgets List, TechCrunch says it's "as easy as pressing a button," and Men's Fitness calls it a "beaut of a monitor."