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Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker Set of 4

Item Number
Estimated Value
$400 USD
Opening Bid
$90 USD

Item Description

Losing Your Keys Won't Be A Viable Excuse Once You Have This Handy Item Tracker

Think about the things you lose most often. Your keys and your phone, right? Well the Nut Find 3 was built to resolve that little forgetfulness issue. Just attach the tiny, portable Nut to whatever you lose most, and it will beep whenever you're about to leave without all your belongings. 

  • Your phone will beep to alarm you when Nut is out of the safety range
  • Both Nut & your phone will beep when your phone is left behind & out of safety range
  • Beep button will call Nut to beep when you're looking for it
  • Location records show where & when the Nut was disconnected on a map
  • If you lose your Nut, declare it through the Nut App & all working Nut Apps will scan items around them automatically
  • The entire family can access the Nut by syncing w/ their own devices

Item Special Note

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