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Olbas Sampler Kit

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$75 USD

Item Description

Enjoy The Totally Soothing Olbas Experience

  • Generous samples sizes of all 8 remedies!
  • Relieves aches & pains
  • Calms coughs and clears nasal passages

"Coughs, sore throats, sneezing, headaches, body aches and congestion are now treated in our house without harmful drugs."- M.F. 

The Sampler Kit is the best way to try ALL of the Olbas remedies yourself, and have them available in your medicine chest when you need them. 

With the Olbas Sample Kit you get generous sample sizes of: 

  • OIL...Aromatic oil relieve aches & pain and promotes free breathing (0.32 fl oz)
  • SALVE...Deep penetrating cream relieves muscle and joint discomforts, sprains and bruises (1 oz tube)
  • BATH...Therapeutic herbal bath soothes and relaxes (1 fl oz)
  • PASTILLES...Maximum strength cough suppressant drops soothe sore throat and fight coughs (27 pastilles)
  • TEA...Warming blend soothes you when feeling chilled during times of seasonal discomfort (sample size)
  • SUGAR FREE LOZENGES...Cough suppressant drops. Black Currant Flavor (3 individual lozenges)
  • INHALER...Fast acting vapors provide an instant, cooling sensation and promote free breathing (full size)
  • COUGH SYRUP...Herbal extracts and pure Wild Honey soothe bronchial and respiratory passages (1 fl oz)

Item Special Note

ll Natural Olbas Herbal Remedies from Switzerland

Give you the POWER To Breathe... Naturally!

We all need a little comfort from time to time ...especially when we’re not feeling well. That's where Olbas is unique. Olbas helps you feel better ...naturally! The essential oils in Olbas have a rich history of aromatherapy use dating back the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Olbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite.

Olbas readily diffuses into the air, providing extraordinary benefits to nasal and bronchial areas. Olbas is readily absorbed into the skin, producing a deep feeling of comfortable warmth. When used as massage oil, it has the remarkable ability to stimulate circulation at the surface of the skin by opening up the skin pores, bringing a soothing warm feeling to tired muscles and joints. These unique properties of Olbas Oil are incorporated into each of the remedies in the Olbas line.

There are 8 different Olbas Remedies that each soothes you in its own unique way.

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