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Rejiva monitors your total health

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The only wearable health device that thinks like a doctor.

Nothing can monitor your total health like Rejiva. 

Only Rejiva® gives you a complete picture of all of the variables that affect how you feel and perform every day ¿ and what you need to do to stay healthy. 

Knowing more allows you to do more to prevent sickness and disease ¿ and live a healthier, fuller life.

The insights you need to stay healthy.  

An FDA-registered monitor you wear on your chest, combined with a smartphone app, lets you view, understand and respond to vital signs and other valuable data collected in five key areas.  

Our mission:  greater health empowerment for all.

Support from indiegogo fans like you will help us bring this unique and vital product to market ¿ and make our vision of personal health empowerment a reality for more people. 

As clinicians and medical engineers, we know good health can¿t be purchased in a doctor¿s office. It¿s a lifelong pursuit. And monitoring our overall health requires real insights and the tools to take action. But there¿s never been a product before that could offer these insights. 


With Rejiva, we¿ve incorporated leading-edge health technology that¿s already validated and used by more than 50 educational institutions in the U.S. and Europe ¿ and by thousands of doctors and researchers around the world to deliver valuable health metrics. So Rejiva is the first product to make that technology accessible to the public. 

Providing greater access to health-related information like this will ultimately drive down health care costs and improve quality of care. Rejiva will also prove invaluable to medical professionals working abroad in disadvantaged and epidemic-stricken areas (the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa is a prime example) as a tool to monitor their own health or to care for patients.

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