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Health & Fitness

Skulpt Aim: The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

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$800 USD
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$225 USD

Item Description

Measure Results: Body Fat Percentage & Muscle Quality for Individual Muscles


  • Aim® measures up to 24 different muscle groups, so you can see your strongest areas and the ones you need to improve
  • By measuring four muscles (biceps, triceps, abs, and quads), you get a total body fat % and MQ score
  • Each measurement takes less than a second and results are immediately displayed
  • Aim sends your results to your IOS/Android Bluetooth Smart to track progress, and exercise smarter


MQ, or Muscle Quality, is calculated by analyzing how current flows through muscle tissue using multi-frequency signals applied with four different sensor configurations.

Since current flows differently in muscles based on their composition and muscle fiber size, Aim® is able to evaluate the quality of your muscles.

Skulpt® has spent the last four years optimizing the placement of the 12 sensors it uses, the frequencies of the signals it applies, and the algorithms it uses to calculate MQ.

Just like your IQ, the average person has an MQ of 100 for each muscle. The higher the MQ, the stronger, more defined, and more fit the muscle will be.

Aim® is useful for anybody interested in maintaining and improving their fitness, regardless whether you’re an enthusiast or a beginner. If you’re a pro, Aim lets you target specific muscle groups tracking your strongest areas and the ones that need improvement so you can optimize your training and know exactly how it’s affecting your body.

Beginner? Aim helps you track how your body is changing, so you don’t need to track the activity that gets you there. Measuring your fat percentage and MQ, you’re able to see when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle - the result of your efforts.

Aim® is the world’s first device to measure your results by muscle. Strengthen the muscles you want to improve most, and understand how your fat is spread throughout the body. See your progress sooner with real-time results, and stay motivated as you become a better U!