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Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table

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$425 USD

Item Description

THE TEETER EP-960 LTD. features an extended ankle lock handle for easy securing and patented wrap-around Ankle cups for comfort and support. Included Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge for trigger-point release and added traction. Two types of handles provide assistance and even more stretching options. Comfortrak bed with built-in Hand Gips optimizes stretch with smooth surface and flexible, countered shape. Adjustable EZ-Angle tether features preset angle markings at 20, 40, and 60 degrees. Teeter precision rotation gives you complete rotational control with just simple arm movements for easy return upright!

EXPERIENCE THE TEETER DIFFERENCE: Teeter inversion tables are a result of a 35-year legacy to include an unmatched 5-year full warranty, hassle-free assembly, precision engineering and third-party safety certification with UL listed label. Certified quality with UL listed label means that Teeter Inversion Tables consistently outperform the competition for endurance and rotational control with patented security features and heat-treated steel parts for unmatched security and durability. Trust Teeter for a Better Back, Better Body.

JUST MINUTES A DAY CAN HELP: Relieve Back Pain, Provide Decompression, Reduce Tension and Painful Nerve Pressure, Rejuvenate Discs, and Build Core Strength.

Item Special Note

Contour L5 EP-560 Ltd EP-560 Sport EP-960 Ltd EP-970 Ltd
FDA Cleared & UL Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Handle Ankle Lock System Deluxe No No Yes Deluxe
Ankle Comfort Excellent Excellent Superior Excellent Excellent
Stretch Tools to Improve Decompression Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Precision Rotation With Full Inversion Option Yes, Plus 1-Touch Rotation Adjustment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preset Rotation Control Deluxe Yes Yes Deluxe Deluxe
Ability To Customize Compatible, Sold Separately Included With LTD Version Only Included With LTD Version Only Included With LTD Version Only Included With LTD Version Only
Folds For Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Settings 4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs. 4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs. 4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs. 4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs. 4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs.


Built for the Benefits


teeter inversion table ep-560



teeter inversion table ep-960



teeter inversion table ep-960


More Comfort

EZ-Reach Ankle System: Features triple-lock security and extended handle to reduce the need for bending when securing the ankles.

Ergo Embrace Supports: Surround the ankles to distribute weight comfortably and evenly around the feet and heels.

Ankle Comfort Dial: Adjustable foot platform height for smaller or larger feet to ensure a comfortable fit.

More Stretch

Stretch Max Handles: Extra-long grip surface for assistance and even more stretching options.

Traction Handles: Add decompression at lesser angles or option to gently push and release handles for smooth and rhythmic oscillation.

Grip-and-Stretch Handholds: Built into the ComforTrak Bed and Frame for added stretching and decompression options.

More Relief

Comfortrak Bed: Contoured bed flexes for comfort, while smooth surface promotes body slide to optimize stretch and back pain relief.

Acupressure Nodes: Four (4) height options provide variable intensity pressure-point relief for muscles.

Lumbar Bridge and Neck Arch: Provides support for the lower back neck and deeper decompression benefits.


Easy to Use


teeter inversion table ep-960



teeter inversion table ep-960



teeter inversion table ep-960



teeter inversion table