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Red (Color Study #8) by Anabella Wewer

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Dimensions: 10” x 4.5” / 25.4cm x 11.4cm, hanging panel

Tesserae: Smalti, marble

"Red (Color Study #8) is one of a series of color studies I’ve been making in the past year. Primarily I work in stone, so my palette is fairly subdued. Even when I use color, it is soft, as is naturally occurring in stone, marble and semi-precious stones. A couple of years ago, I saw an exhibit of Eric Carle’s work, most notably a children’s book illustrator. His use of very bright colors, often in a field of white, stayed with me. In early 2016, I visited Dakar, Senegal, where vibrants colors contrast with the ever-present Saharan sand and the city’s concrete structures. That color explosion started working its way into my thought process, and I started looking at my smalti (glass) in a different way. I am not drawn to the shiny aspects of glass, but I started craving the bright colors, so I started doing a number of studies on color, in which I explore ways in which to incorporate vibrant color and contrasting reflective surfaces into my palette. Red (Color Study #8) is one of these studies. With it I am exploring color gradations, a common feature in my work, in glass, as well as exploring the effect of the shape of the tesserae in making my lines

I am a graphic designer by profession and a passionate mosaic artist and metalsmith by vocation, often merging the two. It has been said that my mosaics are sometimes large-scale jewelry, and there are often mosaic elements in my jewelry work. I am fascinated by the concept of finding beauty in unexpected places and gravitate towards using unorthodox materials like concrete and rusted metal in my silver work. In the past couple of years I have been working on a series called ‘(What if…)’ which explores the idea of what would happen if the fossils in my collection, items thousands or millions of years old, were to come back to life. The imagined effort of the fossils drawing energy from within and revealing to us long hidden secrets is what I try to explore through andamento and color gradations, and is a metaphor for the renewal of life and a reflection on our impact on the planet.”

Annabella Wewer ~ Cositas by Anabella


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