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Eco Pash and Program Haircut at Hernan Prada Hair, Scarsdale

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Eco Pash (Balayage) ©
Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights which grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root (low maintenance).  This coloring technique emerged in Paris in the 1970s; the word “balayage” is French for “to sweep”, a reference to the way in which the color is applied.  Unlike foiled highlights, which look very uniform and a bit unnatural, hair which has been subjected to balayage simply looks like it has been out in the sun.  The highlights can be subtle or more intense, depending on the desires of the client, and balayage isn't just for blondes: it can also be applied to brunette and red shades.  The balayage technique works with the natural pigment of the hair using a lightening powder (ammonia-free), never bleach, so it will not damage the hair like foil highlighting does.

Program Haircut

Hernan Prada Hair stylists use a program haircut technique.  This technique works with the natural fall of the hair, making at home styling easier and cutting down blow dry time.  Since each haircut is personalized to the client’s hair, whether it be straight, curly, or in between, the cut will grow out beautifully and never lose it’s shape.  Most clients who get our haircuts only need one every two to three months. The conventional technique (used elsewhere) uses more of a “90 degree angle” technique which cuts each section of hair in multiple pieces regardless of how the clients hair naturally falls. Since this same cut is given to all, it makes it difficult for the client to style it when the cut is not suitable or personalized for their hair.

Item Special Note

Expiratin January 2018