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Run on Sun: $500 off Solar Power Installation - Residential

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$500 USD
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$150 USD

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Run on Sun, Pasadena's premier solar power installation company, will take $500 off a solar power installation at your home!*

Every day, solar power systems are quietly changing the world. Effortlessly generating clean energy, these systems reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change globally, and air pollution locally in the neighborhoods near fossil-fuel-burning plants.

In addition to these benefits to health and enviroment, solar power systems save businesses and non-profits real monty by providing the only reliable hedge against utility rate increases. In SCE's territory along, approved rate increases for each of the next two years will average 5.7%!

Wow.  This is an unbelievably competent, professional, honest, and plain-old *nice* group of people.  If you are on the fence about whether or not to go solar, either for financial, aesthetic, or logistical/construction reasons, all of your questions will be answered rigorously and honestly, with---honestly!---a complete lack of pressure to go forward with an actual installation…  I also found them to be totally respectful and supportive of our goals (it was clear that they would support you whether you are trying to save money OR save the environment or both; that they would support you whether you want to plunge into a big construction project and radically change your life OR you want to spend as little time and money and change your life as little as possible). – Rebecca K., YELP

Tel: 626-793-6025 | 310-584-7745

Special Instructions


*Must be in the Run on Sun service area, within a 25-mile radius of Pasadena.

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