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Vintage Framed Doberman Pinscher Coat of Arms

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Item Description

When one thinks of royalty, nobility and all of the symbolism associated with these characteristics - if one is a lover of this magnificent breed - then, it only follows that our Dobermans deserve to be honored - with their own personal Coat of Arms, the Doberman Pinscher Crest!

This magnificent crest was created back in 1988 and is ┬ęB.L '88' by Canine Crests of California - the company appears to be out of business - so this may be one of the few remaining chances to own this elegant piece of heraldic art. The art work has been professional framed behind glass in wood frame, w/ black & gold antiquing. The framed whole measures 25 1/8" by 16 5/8" - Doberman Eye Candy at its best!

Text to the right reads: Doberman Pinscher This medium-size breed originated in Apolda, in Thueringen, Germany around 1890. He takes his name from Louis Dobermann of Apolda who developed it by crossbreeding several breeds. We can never be sure but he most likely counts the smooth-haired German Pinscher, the Rottweiler and the Manchester Terrie among its ancestors. He is a breed which counts among his characteristics, loyalty, obedience, alertness, agility, courage and boldness. He is classified as a working dog and is also used as a guard and home watchdog. Because of his intelligence, he was in demand as a police and war dog, and became the mascot of the Marines in World War II. From the beginning, he was devoted to the service of mankind and because of his excellent nose, he became proficient in trailing criminals and in hunting. Devoted and affectionate toward his home and family, he has the heart and the spirit of a gentleman and an air of nobility which makes him an aristocrat. He was officially recognized in 1900 by the German Kennel Club and imported to this continent in 1908. In 1921, the Doberman Pinscher Club was founded in the United States and interest in the breed continues to grow.

Special Instructions

This really elegant tribute to the Doberman was donated by a true Doberman Devotee and DPCA member, Laura Hulke, in order to raise funds for Dobermans in need. Laura passed away in 2011 and this gift is donated in her memory with the hope that her wishes will be realized. Make Laura's wishes come true - bid high, bid often!!

Buyer pays shipping via FedEx Ground so we can pack this safely and securely. Rate depends on your zone but is likely to be approximately $20-25 dollars.

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