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Free Month of Classes at Bluprint Fitness

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Winner receives one free month of classes at Bluprint Fitness!

Bluprint Fitness isn?t just a Chicago gym; we?re a melting pot of teachers, lawyers, doctors, graphic designers, Internet nerds, and professionals who genuinely enjoy working out together. Our coaching staff has the unique ability to positively impact the lives of every person they encounter. Creating a community support system for all levels of athletes. At our core, we believe in developing relationships with our athletes, teaching the ins-and-outs of health & fitness, and creating a program that breeds results!

Bluprint Fitness is a high-touch coaching atmosphere where athletes interact with a small group of industry leading coaches on a regular basis. It?s our goal to positively impact each athlete who we come in contact with ? through coaching, caring, and motivating. For this reason, Bluprint is one of the only gyms in Chicago that regulates its class sizes to insure excellent coaching. The average coach-to-athlete class size at Bluprint Fitness is 1-to-8. This is where we feel the coach-athlete interaction breeds the best results!

Our three main classes of CrossFit, Metcon, and Barbell Club help us fulfill our desire to help people be their best. Our CrossFit program is known for its exceptional programming, variety, and attention to detail. Our Metcon program is known for its ability to make you sweat using bodyweight, dumbbells, kettle bells, and Concept 2 ergs. Our Barbell Club program is known for helping people get strong in a team atmosphere. Between these three programs, athletes create goals and crush them on a regular basis. Accompanying our main programs are some specialty classes and Training Camp ? one of Chicago?s best beginner?s programs to set you up for health & fitness success.

A positive atmosphere, years of coaching experience, and creating an environment that helps people reach their goals is what Bluprint Fitness is all about!

Located at 1828 W Hubbard St., Ste B

Item Special Note

  • Auction bids are final. No returns, exchanges, or refunds.
  • Winner will receive this item via email within 3 weeks after auction concludes (MM-RE-e-cert)
  • Expires 12/31/2018
  • New Bluprint Athlete Only
  • Initial Assessment Required (Complimentary)

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