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Bodywork for the Whole Being: The Explorer Package

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Kindly donated by structural bodywork expert Zachery Dacuk


This offering is the culmination of two decades of study and practice. It is a labor of love designed to distill your life and how you inhabit your body into a personalized therapeutic process. You will receive:

Explorer Package (6 hours) - $2000
90 minute Assessment Session
90 minute Body Work Offering
90 minute Movement & Guided Meditation Practice
90 minute Integration Session
3 Personalized Daily Practices

The Explorer Package is designed to address the whole person taking into account your life’s story. Together lets take the time to understand how your body, feelings and thoughts add up to your experience. Let us discover how you arrived in this moment and what is currently happening in your life so that we can support your vision of the future. How can we successfully invite new routines into your daily life in order to cultivate the life you always wanted?

How is the physiology of the body related to the ways in which we care for it? Sleep? Nourishment? Movement? Stillness? Are you focused solely on survival? Are you accessing your creativity? Giving birth to ideas, art or dreams? How can we transform the being you are today into the being you have always felt resides within your heart and mind? How do we cultivate the practices needed to find discipline within distraction? How do we take the power back into our lives and live consciously from a state of empowerment?

What does it mean to live in a body? Many of us long for answers around why we feel the way that we do? How does is our life connected to what we are feeling? How does our incessant busy amount to feeling depleted? Why am I so addicted to distractions: to my phone, to the tv, food or other substances?

Assessment Session – Getting to know you. How did you get here? What are your wounds – physical, emotional, spiritual? Where are you holding your body? Where are you blocked? Plus Postural & Movement Analysis. Breath Assessment. Habitual Practices (Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Quiet time). Medical History. Resourcing Practices.

Bodywork Offering – Multidiscipline manual contact. How can we manually reconnect you to your body? Where are your tissues dehydrated? Where do you store fear or anger? Where is your untapped potential? How can we unlock it with touch? We will contact many different layers of the body: Skin, muscles, fascia, organs, fluids, nervous tissue or joints and bones. Where does density live in your tissue? How can we lighten the load?

Movement & Meditation – The movement practice will be a blend of seeing what you are capable of, addressing the teachings of the assessment, exploring needs and potential and generally developing practices of deep listening and sensing. The goal is experience new layers or spaces in the body and gather the ability to feel your body clearly and precisely.

The guided meditation will be recorded and given to you. It will be constructed on your specific needs based on: your focus, your need to bring awareness to a layer or space in your body, where you need support and what will provide valuable daily resource.

Personal Daily Practices – 5, 12 & 17 minutes media practices designed to meet your needs and goals in life to approach the change you long to achieve. These practice will be taken with you everywhere on your phone to help you find Discipline within Distraction. Instead of wasting various blocks of time getting lost in your distractions, revert back to your personal practices. They can be mindfulness exercises, breathing practices, meditations & visualization and movement practices outfitted to slot in between the ‘have to’s of life. Carry your reminders with you.

Integration Session - What did we learn? Where are we going? How do we get there? Mopping up with bodywork, movement or meditation. Run through of Personal Daily Practices. Create a plan and execute.


Chose Explorer Package to uncover the path to living in your body:

Without chronic pain or discomfort
With Ease & Intention
With Direction & Consciousness
With Feeling and Understanding

Practices to Unlock Freedom in your Body
The Shadows blocking you from your potential
Past Patterns of success that currently hold you back
Deep relationship to physical sensation
How to shift from the Mind to the Feelings to Eliminating to Surrender

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