Cape Cod Museum of Art – Soiree By the Bay
Auction Ends: Aug 6, 2018 10:00 PM EDT


Gary Urgonski, "Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle"

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Estimated Value
$950 USD
Opening Bid
$400 USD

Live Event Item

After the online close, this item went to a Live Event for further bidding.

Item Description

Approx. 6 ft. x 15"

Driftwood, Metal, Glass

“As a child, growing up in the Midwest, I was drawn to auto junkyards, odd bits of refuse and even to the sea, although I was never to see the ocean until I was twenty-one and moved to the East Coast. Now, as a sculptor, I realize I have always imagined emotions in discarded objects. The 1950s Studebaker or Packard, rusting in the corner of an auto graveyard, was once shining and had a proud owner. The old clam rake, the cracked gauge, a small section of pipe jumbled in the junkyard—who used them and when? Along the beach, pieces of wood wash up, broken, bleached, and worn. I like to think the detritus I find in junkyards or along the shore or elsewhere still contains the feelings of the people who once used them. By joining these disparate pieces to create a new meaning, I hope the piece is stronger because of its emotional spirit.”