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"They Speak by Silence" by Elton Bennett

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Framed silkscreen by Elton Bennett titled "They Speak by Silence."

Measures 26 inches wide by 20 inches high. Print is slightly warped at the top.

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Elton Bennett was a 20th-century American artist living and working in the Northwest. Born in 1910 in Cosmopolis, Washington, Bennett grew up and worked on the Washington coast, attended art school at the age of 36 and by 1956 became a full-time artist making serigraphs or silk screen prints.

Bennett chose the silkscreen medium because of his belief that original art should be accessible to everyone. Prints allowed him to produce many original silkscreens at relatively affordable prices. Despite the fact that some of his prints now sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, according to his daughter during his lifetime he never sold one for more than $15. Using silkscreens allowed him to vary the work by changing the colors and recombining or reusing elements to the point where a work was never finished and continually evolving - he could always tinker with it and improve it more.

The coast of the Pacific Northwest, the sea, ships, and landscapes that Bennett grew up with and worked among were his primary subjects.

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