WTVP – WTVP Auction 2019 May Special
Auction Ends: May 28, 2019 08:00 PM CDT

Health & Fitness

Haganah (Israeli Self Defense) Class

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Estimated Value
$100 USD
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$50 USD

Item Description

The Academy of Okinawanm Karate & Kickboxing has donated a gift certificate for one month of Adult Haganah F.I.G.H.T classes.

Peoria Haganah is the program which will quickly and effectively teach you to defend yourself and get you in fantastic shape while doing it. This ADULT ONLY program teaches both general and specific techniques to overwhelm any aggressor.

Though we hope you will never have to use this training, the fact that you have it will give you the confidence to avoid most confrontations and the overwhelming firepower to win the rest.


Item Special Note

If you are the highest on-line bidder, are outside of the Peoria, IL area and desire to have your item shipped to you, shipping costs will be added to your bid amount.


Adults Only 18+

New Member Only

Donated by:

Academy of Okinawanm Karate & Kickboxing

8875 N. Knoxville Ave

Peoria, Il 61615-1722

Phone: (309) 692-2499