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Unique Experiences

Dine and Tour Stockholm with Environmentalist Gustaf Sverker Nilius Littorin

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$2,200 USD
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$550 USD

Item Description

If you find yourself in the lovely Stockholm for business or pleasure, then enhance your stay with a delicious meal and tour of the city with interesting med-tech mogul and Swedish native, Gustaf Sverker Nilius Littorin.

Additionally, Sverker has offered a day trip to his picturesque country manor for swimming, relaxing, and sightseeing, if you are so inclined.

A keen environmentalist and successful businessman, Sverker is the director of Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden, a lucrative wind and hydro power company. On top of all that, Sverker finds time to be a published novelist, cultural leader, and Vice Chairman of the Stockholm Cultural Association.

If you?re looking for some valuable new contacts and connections, a personal tour of the city ending with an authentic and delicious meal, this is the item for you. Bid here now for an unforgettable international venture.