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Nutraceutical Corp. - ZHOU Brand Keto Basket

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$320 USD
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$110 USD

Item Description

The ZHOU Brand Keto Basket Incudes One (1) of Each of the Following:

  • Collagen Peptides
  • MCT Powder
  • MCT Oil,
  • Keto Drive Capsules
  • Keto Drive Revved
  • Keto Drive Orange Mango
  • Keto Test Strips

Collagen is an essential part of skin, hair, bone and joint health, and our Collagen Peptide powder is an essential part of your wellness lifestyle. Our product is the key to younger looking skin, more luscious locks, and comfortable joints. Collagen also helps fuel bones, tendons, and connective tissue? while providing 18 essential aminos needed to support healthy muscle cells. Our pure, hormone-free collagen hydrolysate can help to replenish lost collagen and support cell turnover.

Ketones might just be your brain?s new BFF. Displaying antioxidant-like qualities, ketones may help protect the brain from free radicals while possibly helping to improve cognition.

Keto Drive is an exogenous ketone supplement, commonly called ?BHB salts? or ?ketone drinks.? BHB drinks help you get into (and stay in) ketosis, give you energy, may help your body burn fat, and support your focus so you can perform your best.

MCT Oil or MCT Powder is a clean, keto friendly way to add fat and fiber to your daily routine. This will help curb your appetite, support gut health, and give your brain some fuel. People love to mix MCT Powder into their coffee, shakes, and smoothies.

Our Keto Test strips will help you measure the excess ketones leaving your body so you know when your body is in ketosis and using fat as fuel.

Tucked away in Utah?s Wasatch Mountain Range, our small team at Zhou is simply obsessed with wellness. From our 3pm yoga practice to our daily herbal concoctions, we are constantly nerding out?and loving every second of it. The products we share with you are the same products we take ourselves and recommend to our loved ones. You?re an extension of our family and we keep that in mind when sourcing, manufacturing, and handing you our latest remedy.

Item Special Note

Must pick up at KPCW by 10/4/19.