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Signet Education - $500 Signet Credit

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$500 USD
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$170 USD

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Signet Education is offering a $500 credit toward Tutoring, Test Prep, College Admission Assistance, and Academic Coaching.  

Signet Education's mission is to inspire a love of learning, genuine academic growth, and holistic success in students' lives. Signet provides a unique form of academic mentorship through a broad range of services, including: subject tutoring, test preparation, organizational coaching, and admissions consulting. Each student receives specialized attention and concierge-level guidance from Signet's world-class tutors and administrative staff. For over a decade, Signet has combined compassionate and skilled educators with top-notch client service in order to give clients the most effective and empowering educational experience possible.

Why Clients Choose Signet:
Care Deeply: Our tutors care deeply about their subject matter, their students, and their families? educational goals.
On the Ball: Signet tutors and staff are responsive, prepared, and ready to help.
Strategies: Our tutors employ proven, flexible, and customized strategies to help students understand the material.
Motivation: Signet tutors find ways to get students excited about learning.
Positivity: Even when the material is challenging, our tutors radiate a warm, positive, can-do attitude that helps students believe in themselves.
Understanding: Signet tutors assess students as individuals and customize solutions to meet their unique needs.
Flexibility: Our students lead very busy lives, and Signet tutors have great flexibility in both location and scheduling.
Engagement: Our tutors invest personally in their students? success and become vital members of each student?s team.
Structure: Signet tutors work with their students to develop a comprehensive roadmap to success, punctuated by achievable smaller goals.

For more information visit Signet Education.

Item Special Note

Signet Education, Cambridge Location:

1132 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 1
Cambridge, MA 02138

This offer is valid at the Signet Education, Cambridge location.

Certificate is not redeemable for cash, no cash back.

Expiration: March 14, 2022

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