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Winnetu Oceanside Resort - Traeger di Pietro

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hero | the Messengerman is saving the love of his life from an angry shark while hanging from a hook. the messenger man drops love into the sharks mouth.

Artist:  Traeger di Pietro

Traeger di Pietro is a painter and mixed media artist living on Martha?s Vineyard. Versatile and ever-evolving, Traeger?s work ranges from impressionistic portraits and landscapes to contemporary narratives and collage-like explorations of the human experience. 

 Born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1976, Traeger attended the University of Orono, Maine where he majored in Studio Arts. After college, Traeger moved to Martha?s Vineyard, where he worked driving a delivery truck by day for many years, painting and creating at night. Driving around the Island each day allowed him to become intimately familiar with his surroundings, and certains scenes, figures and landscapes quickly found their way into his work. 

 Inspired by everything from an ordinary white piece of gum on a sidewalk to the most beautiful Martha?s Vineyard sunset, simplicity is paramount in Traeger?s work.  Whether he?s capturing clam diggers in up-island ponds or telling stories of characters based on a deck of cards, he paints experiences. ?I want my paintings to make people happy.? 

 His body of work is a journey into the wonder of his many varied subjects, deriving from a broad and diverse range of sources ? a local fisherman, a scalloper, an elephant. Often, he says, he draws on imagery from his subconscious. Using oil for some series and mixed media for others, Traeger brings a distinct imaginative approach to the creation of each of his compositions.

Sponsors:  Winnetu Oceanside Resort

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This is a one-sided bass.