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Fantastic Way to Learn the Constitution! "The Constitution Quest Game"!

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"Constitution Quest Game" is praised by scholars across America as the most fun and easy way to learn the U.S. Constitution!  We think it belongs in every home and school library! 
The Constitution Quest Game is now available at National Constitution Center (2017) in Philadelphia, PA! What an honor to have the Constitution Quest Game just 2 minutes from Independence Hall! Students, teachers, schools, scouts, parents, & grandparents who are visiting NCC can now pick up a game in Philadelphia! 
And, now (2018) available at the "National Archives" Gift Store!
in Washington, D.C.!
"Constitution Quest is hailed by scholars everywhere as the most fun and easy way to learn the U.S.

Constitution. Includes: 
- Constitution Quest game board 
- Constitution Quest Game Play, Rules, and Directions 
- Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence booklet (for reference) 
- 1 set of (2) dice - 10 game piece portraits (Featuring 10 of the 39 Constitution Signers) 
- 4 game piece stands - Constitution Quest Answer Key 
- Pencil and Score Pad 
- 5 Constitution Quest card decks (223 cards in all) 

The game is best played by 2-4 individuals or teams, ages 10+, and rules are included for younger audiences 7+ as well."
"Last week, a teacher contacted us with these words, "Thank you for making our job easier. Our  high school students 'knocked it out of the park' on the 2017 EOC (End-of-Course Exam), and 100% of our students, who took the AP Government Exam, passed the AP Exam! Our students LOVE playing the Constitution Quest Game!"  September 2017
"The Constitution Quest Game" is FUN & EASY way to LEARN the Constitution, as evidenced by reviews from students, teachers, and families for over 6 years.

It’s INCLUSIVE because it's nonpartisan and beneficial for young, old, novice, or expert, citizens and those desiring to be so.

It’s VITAL because a population that understands the fundamentals of its self-government governs best."

Above quote written by a teacher who uses the Constitution Quest Game in her classroom and home!

So, raise the Constitutional IQs of those you know and love. Teach/review the Constitution throughout the year with Constitution Quest!

Watch this  90-second video overview of the Constitution Quest Game. You'll love it because there are 3 inter-generational families actually playing our game in the background! 

You may also enjoy our company's award-winning 1-minute video about our passion for spreading Constitutional Literacy: 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • The Constitution Quest Game is the most FUN and EASY way to LEARN and REMEMBER the U.S. Constitution. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to teach or learn the text of the U.S. Constitution in a highly-engaging and very effective way.
  • This beautiful, eye-catching, American-made game, is high-quality and nonpartisan.


  • As few as 2 individuals or up to 4 large teams can play against each other. 


  • It covers ALL 7 Articles and ALL 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, with attention to all three branches of government, separation of powerschecks and balances, as well as key factsdates, and pertinent vocabulary.  


  • You can play Constitution Quest without any prior knowledge because the game was designed for children and adults to learn the Constitution as they play. Because of the many twists and turns and elements of chance woven into the gameplay, players with all levels of expertise can enjoy playing together.


    • Constitution Quest is helping people of all ages to learn the U.S. Constitution at home or in the classroom. Constitutional scholars have endorsed the game and students claim Constitution Quest has helped them to confidently pass their government exams!  
  • Kids who might not sit still to read the Constitution do sit down to play the Constitution Quest Game with Grandpa and Grandma...because it's a game! What better way to pass along your love for the U.S. Constitution to the next generation? "Freedom is only one generation away from extinction," but you can save it with the most fun and EASY way to rediscover the U.S. Constitution: Constitution Quest.

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Preview YouTube video Constitution Quest m4v

Preview YouTube video Cognitive Square, Inc. – Creators of the Constitution Quest Game

See one of the best websites ever!: 

  • Cognitive Square, Inc.                   
    27475 Ynez Road, Suite 354
    Temecula, CA 92591                                951-587-5425

"Last week, a teacher contacted us with these words, "Thank you for making our job easier. Our  high school students 'knocked it out of the park' on the 2017 EOC (End-of-Course Exam), and 100% of our students, who took the AP Government Exam, passed the AP Exam! Our students LOVE playing the Constitution Quest Game!"  September 2017

Reviews and Endorsements

"From the first roll of the dice... we were honestly hooked!"

"Knowing and understanding the freedoms guaranteed by our United States Constitution are essential to the preservation of our republic. 'Constitution Quest' is a game for all times. It is an easy-to-play, exciting adventure into one of our most precious national treasures. This game is a winner!"  Robert W. Sweet, Jr., Former Reagan White House Domestic Policy Staff

"...Constitution Quest stands out because it is fun and educational... My teen-aged daughter just finished studying American Government last semester, and she did not enjoy it one iota. But she enjoyed the game a lot, and whenever she missed a question, I was delighted to see her pull out the constitution to check the answer. She showed more interest in the Constitution playing this game than she had the entire semester! The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: Constitution Quest Review
Game review by Heather Jackowitz, Senior Product Reviewer 

"The Constitution Quest is a fun way for adults and families to learn important facts about the Constitution, our form of limited government, and the unalienable rights we enjoy as citizens. My family plays it regularly and my children have learned more by playing it than by all of my lectures and writings. It is a double blessing to enjoy family time and engage the children on a subject so vital to their future happiness. Two thumbs way, way up!

Mike Holler 
National Speaker 
Author of The Constitution Made Easy

Meet Pam Barret:

Pam Barret

"Pam Barret is a flag-waving grandma with a passion for literacy. She earned her teaching credential in 1977 and has since been named The National Right to Read Foundation Teacher of the Year (1998) and has testified before the Congressional Committee on Education and the Workforce (2000). Pam has networked with parents, grandparents and teachers from all over the country to promote literacy. Her belief that all children can learn, along with her motto that "Readers become leaders!" has become the driving force behind her passion.

Because Pam wanted to impact the lives of children beyond her classroom or school in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District, she became an instructional coach; training teachers in the Hemet Unified School District, then worked as an instructional consultant for the Riverside County Office of Education and for the Culver City Unified School District. She also served in an advisory capacity for several educational products. 

She has been married to David Barret since 1978. They are the parents of 5 adult children and relish any opportunity to chase their 7 grandchildren around their backyard in Temecula, California."


About Us - The Barret Family:

"Our family began creating The Constitution Quest Game® in July, 2010 to increase Constitutional Literacy in America. We, the People, need to read the Constitution and know what it says, in order to ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our children. We wanted to dismiss the notion that the U.S. Constitution is a dusty, old document that is no longer relevant. It is, in fact, urgently and palpably relevant. Many would also be surprised to find that the genius of the Constitution is remarkably accessible to the average person, so we resolved to provide a fun, easy and effective way to learn it.

No matter what age, people love games, so it made sense to develop a game that was engaging, entertaining and educational. As a family of teachers with extensive experience creating curriculum, activities and games to help engage students in order to maximize student achievement, we knew we could apply those same research-based strategies to teach people the basic content of the U.S. Constitution. Since people learn 95% of what they teach to someone else, we carefully designed all 5 decks of cards containing Constitutional content that players read aloud top each other in an un-intimidating, test-taking format. We integrated the element of chance in several ways that heighten the excitement while reinforcing the material. this keeps it fun for everyone, so you don't have to be a Constitutional expert to play or win. The idea is to learn as you play.

In designing the game, we felt it was important to make a functional and beautiful piece of art. As players move along the rich red, marble white, deep blue and gold path, they are drawn into a sense of the richness of our country's most important document: the Constitution. The board itself is designed to make abstract concepts in the Constitution, such as the branches of government, or the impact of violating the Constitution, concrete and easy to grasp. We also wanted to be aware of the Constitutional Signers who sacrificed so much to ensure that "We the People" have the power. For that reason, players choose a signer to be their game piece and one of our 5 decks is called "Facts and Founders."

It is our belief that unless Americans improve their Constitutional IQ, we could be in danger of losing our republic as we know it. In the words of President Ronald Reagan, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream."

However, we can pass on to our children and grandchildren the love for and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. We believe the Constitution Quest Game® will help the Constitution come to life in a vibrant way for our neighbors and for their children and grandchildren, preserving our republic by elevating Constitutional Literacy."

Item Special Note

Constitution Quest - Why Play The Game?

Simple directions

Fun, interesting, engaging game play

223 game cards filled with constitutional information, including:

- 3 branches of government

- Powers granted and denied

- Checks and balances

- Laws from the Articles

- The Bill of Rights and other Amendments

- Historical facts and dates

Play in less than an hour

Learn the Constitution as you play... the more you play, the more you learn

Includes a complementary copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

Fun and educational for the classroom environment

Fantastic for home schooling

Great entertainment for adults and teens who want to learn the Constitution


Please see our 90-second video overview of  Constitution Quest with 3 inter-generational families actually playing the game. It is very informative. 



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