Boston University Academy – BUA Financial Aid Benefit 2012
Auction Ends: May 8, 2012 08:00 PM EDT

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Top Bidders

  1. michaelesmith$560
  2. mattywb16$400
  3. shinn$395
  4. MAC327$375
  5. litchik$370

Our auction is closed! Thank you for your participation!

The BUA Financial Aid Benefit 2012 is now closed. Thank you all for taking the time to point, click and bid in order to support Boston University Academy and our financial aid program. Congratulations to everyone who:

  • placed a winning bid
  • generously donated an item for auction
  • invited family, friends and community to make their bid to build a better world

The Auction May Be Gone, But Our Mission Goes On!

Even though our auction has ended, our organization and our mission have not. We would greatly appreciate your continued support in terms of time, effort and funding, and will do our best to keep you up to date on future activities.

If you missed out on the bidding but still want to conrtibute to the Academy's financial aid program, contact Nicole White at or 617-358-2493.

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