Muscular Dystrophy Association – 2012 MDA South Texas Televised Online Auction
Auction Ends: Sep 7, 2012 11:00 PM CDT

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  1. Kecia Young43
  2. Andrea Barth7
  3. Vicki George6
  4. Jon Kasman5
  5. Wanda Perkins4
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  1. dale$10,846
  2. YouWon$3,666
  3. NMARTIN2001$3,567
  4. wiseman74$2,688
  5. stkarry$2,671

Welcome to the MDA "Show of Strength" Online Auction.

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The 7th Annual MDA South Texas Online Auction will open Friday, August 24, 2012. We will feature many of our items locally in our new and exciting televised format "Show of Strength" formerly known as the MDA Telethon. Join the fun and bid on unique items including UNITED Round-Trip Tickets, Tickets to see the Olympics "Fab 5", Vacation Get-Aways, the newest??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A Apple??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A iPad 16GB,??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A and a 50"LG HD TV all to raise money and awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in our fight against neuromuscular disease.

We Need Your Help. Show your support by clicking on the "Donate Items" button to contribute to our catalog or go to the following:


Click:??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A "Target List"

Enter: First name -??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A MDA??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A

??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A Last Name - Houston

Bed Bath & Beyond??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A


Spread the word.??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A Click on the "Refer Friends" button to give others the chance to get involved and have your name appear in our "Top Referrers" list.


The Top Referrer will receive a $100 MDA online auction credit. So start referring your friends, family and co-workers today.



Help Provide Hope!

??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A "Watch" Your??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A Items

Make sure you don't miss any of the auction action. Place a "Watch" on your favorite items today and get up to the minute updates when new bids are placed. It's just this easy:

??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A ??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A * Click an auction item

??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A * Select "Add to My Items"

You will be given an option of being notified by email when someone bids on your selected items. Now you will never miss the chance to win your favorite auction items

Refer Your Friends

MDA South Texas thanks you in advance for your donations and your participation.

MDA Online Auction Terms and Conditions

Please bid carefully as all net proceeds will fund MDA research, summer camp and other services offered by the association. We accept your bid as a promise to pay.

No Refunds, No Exchanges - No Exceptions

Important: You will be notified by e-mail within 12 hours??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A if you are awarded the winning bid.??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A If shipment of your item is required, shipping and insurance charges will apply and will be billed to your account.??A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A???A A limited number of items will be available for pickup in their local MDA office.


We would like to thank our sponsors....



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