Chelsea's Hope Lafora Children Research Fund – Chelsea's Hope 2013
Auction Ends: Mar 4, 2013 02:00 AM PST

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The Chelsea's Hope Auction is now closed! Thanks to your generosity, we surpassed our goal of $25,000!

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I would be deeply honored if you would take a few moments to watch this slide show of some of our Lafora children, which was created by Cheryl Bigman Photography.  I think it will give you a better idea of the significance of your contribution than any words I could write.  To watch it, please go to her website.  You must then click on "Enter Website", then on "Portraits" and then on "Chelsea's Hope Project" in the drop down menu (sorry it's a little cumbersome, but it's well worth it).  


Though the auction is closed, the "Donate Cash" button is still functional, and your donation would still be deeply appreciated!

All proceeds of our auction will go to Chelsea's Hope Lafora Research Fund, established to benefit children affected by Lafora Disease, an extremely rare inherited disease that strikes previously normal kids in their early teens.  It begins with seizures and mild cognitive impairment, slowly progressing to severe dementia and complete incapacitation. Until research finds a cure, it is uniformly fatal, usually within 10 years of onset.  The very bright side is that, because of recent major breakthroughs, that goal is within our grasp! The proceeds of this auction will go directly to researchers at The University of Toronto where cutting edge research is being conducted. Read more about the disease, the stories of the affected children, and the exciting work that is being done in Dr. Berge Minassian's lab at

This auction is dedicated to my beautiful 27 year old daughter, Kristen, who, after 13 years of slow decline, remains resilient, cheerful, and brave, to all the other young men and women suffering from this cruel disease, and to those who have already lost the battle.  It is also dedicated to Dr. Minassian, who is working night and day at the University of Toronto to see that the list doesn't grow.  His commitment to our cause -- and your generosity in supporting his work -- fill our hearts with HOPE!

Kim Rice, Auction Chair

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