National Gaucher Foundation – 2013 Gaucher Awareness Auction
Auction Ends: Oct 30, 2013 11:00 PM EDT

Welcome to the 8th Annual Gaucher Awareness Auction!

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Join us during Gaucher Awareness Month by shopping on our auction site. The 8th Annual Gaucher Awareness Auction will be live from October 1 - October 30, 2013.

Place bids all month!! The funds raised in this auction will support the National Gaucher Foundation and help people with Gaucher disease live better lives. The National Gaucher Foundation provides critical support to people with Gaucher and their families. We strive to help every single person affected by this disease.

Gaucher disease is an inherited disorder caused by a defective gene affecting less than 10,000 people in the world. There are 3 types of Gaucher disease. Symptoms can vary widely with the most common signs being enlargement of the liver and/or spleen, anemia, easy bruising, increased tendency for bleeding, bone pain and damage to the skeletal system. More rarely, the lungs and central nervous system are affected. For those with severe Gaucher disease, it can be life threatening.

Although there is treatment for Type 1, the most common type, it is expensive averaging $200,000 per person per year, sometimes costing as much as $500,000 per year. In order to keep symptoms under control, treatment is needed for life. There is no treatment for the degenerative neurological symptoms of Types 2 and 3. There is no cure for any type of Gaucher.

You can help by shopping on this auction site.

Many thanks to our Auction Committee who helped to get items donated to the auction:

Tina Bowen, Elissa Brito, Rebecca Cooperman, Carol Fink, Randi Grunstein, Nan Lowitt, Nancy Masters, Barb McFalls, Leanna Mullen and Andrea Trombino.


We have three (3) Fund-A-Need programs in our auction:

  • 2014 NGF International Gaucher Conference
  • Educational and Support Programs
  • CARE and CARE+Plus Programs 

Any amount you can give will help the NGF to run these programs that help all people with Gaucher disease.

A special thank you to the donors who have supported these programs through the auction:

  • The Arenstein Family
  • The Bowen Family
  • Marchelle & Curt Carleton
  • Carole & Alan Kushnir

We would like to thank our sponsors....


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