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The Fall 2015 Auction will begin September 1, 2015!

Overview of NIE

Since 1960, Newspapers in Education has partnered with individuals and businesses to provide teachers and students with educational resources through The Oklahoman newspaper. Over 935 teachers throughout 594 schools across the state rely on non-fiction supplementary resources to complement lesson plans throughout the school year impacting over 200,000 students. In addition to statewide classroom exposure, sponsored curriculum is viewed by more than 475,000 Oklahoman readers throughout Oklahoma.

Newspapers in Education- Our Mission:

Our aim is to promote a more knowledgeable, responsible and capable Oklahoma citizenship; we are committed to promoting Civic Engagement and Civic Literacy in Oklahoma classrooms.

What We Do:

Newspapers in Education provides three (3) informational services to teachers and students throughout the state of Oklahoma: 1) access to the digital archive of the newspaper that includes dated issues of The Oklahoman going back as far as 1901, 2) access to the digital print replica of the daily newspaper and 3) educational curriculum that covers subject matters that promote career development, STEM learning, health, financial management, natural resource stewardship, Oklahoma history, culture, art and social awareness. All informational services come from credible and reliable sources and all curriculum is developed by local experts to align with evolving classroom standards and is professionally designed by an award-winning creative team.


Newspapers in Education - The Oklahoman, FALL 2015 AUCTION

Newspapers in Education, through The Oklahoman, needs your help in raising funds to provide informational resources to K-12 teachers and students throughout the state.