Nevada Public Radio Online Auction – Nevada Public Radio 2016 Winter Online Auction
Auction Ends: Feb 20, 2016 04:00 PM PST

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  1. Jen Maffeo3
  2. Mauri Collins3
  3. Margaret King2
  4. Jenifer Jefferies1
  5. Katherine Huit1
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  1. speab48ec$4,971
  2. jorgenc$2,790
  3. BAYCB$2,321
  4. 1saylor$2,245
  5. swhite999$2,205
  6. gf2247b25$2,147
  7. ashleyzara$2,126
  8. jp8141b33$2,099
  9. ieasydoesit$2,097
  10. mlbf7f781$1,967

The Online Auction is Now Closed. 

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 The Nevada Public Radio Winter 2016 Online Auction is now closed! Thank you to all of the bidders, donors and sponsors for making this auction a huge success!

Bidders and Winners in the auction, please keep an eye out for a required a distribution and certificate selection survey in your email. 


The auction will run from 6am on February 11th - 1pm on Saturday, February 20th, 2016. 


Auction items range from exotic vacation getaways and breathtaking dining and entertainment package, to donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community, and let the bidding begin!

Bonus Incentive:
We've reached the first 1,000 bidders; however, as a result of reaching over 1,000 bidders for the FIRST TIME, we're releasing an additional (200) $25 gift certificates to spend with one of our partners just for bidding!
  • All bids qualify
  • If you are one of the first 1,200 bidders (meaning you both register to bid AND place your first bid), you will receive a $25 gift certificate to one of our partners even if you are not a winning bidder

How it works

All communication will happen via email so please make sure your Bidding for Good account is up-to-date. If we cannot reach you, you will not receive your thank-you gift

A survey will be sent on February 22, 2016 to request a rank of the following partners. Every single one of the first 1,000 bidders will receive a certificate, but choices are on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be prioritized based on response time to the survey. These incentive certificates are exempt from shipping and handling fees.

  • Dick's Last Resort
  • SATAY Thai Bistro
  • The Mob Museum
  • Bertolucci Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Bronze Cafe 
  • Salt Room LV
  • Cleo
  • Katsuya
  • Freed's Bakery
  • Ricardo's of Las Vegas
  • Sunset & Vines
  • Xetava Gardens Cafe
  • STK Las Vegas
  • Due Forni
  • Hash House a Go Go


Read the Distribution Policy Before You Win!

Please read the distribution policy here: Distribution Policy


  • Nevada Public Radio assumes all winners accept the terms and conditions that the default distribution method is shipping without insurance at their expense, unless they fill out the distribution survey stating otherwise. The distribution survey will be sent to all winners on the Monday following the close of the auction. The survey must be filled out in order to track distribution requests. Please do not attempt to reserve a distribution method any other way.
    • All winners are required to pay the cost of shipping their items, should they choose to have them shipped. Some items must be picked up, e.g. alcohol.
    • Item pick-up will begin March 14th.
    • All mailed items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail for a minimum cost of $5.75. This is to ensure tracking information is available on each package.
    • Winners can select to have insurance added to their package for an additional fee. 
    • Shipping costs may increase depending on size, weight or packaging type needed (e.g. art may cost more to ship due to size, gift baskets may cost more to ship due to size and weight)
  • Nevada Public Radio will take at least 2-4 weeks to organize, charge and ship more than 2,500 items to more than 750 winners. We appreciate your kindness and patience, as well as your support of public radio!
  • All items that are time-sensitive take priority to other items. 

Make Your Bid to Support Nevada Public Radio!

Now is your chance to not only get all the great items you want, but to do it knowing you are helping support our organization and mission. 

Nevada Public Radio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we are currently the only National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate station in the Southern Nevada region. From St. George, Utah in the north to Barstow, California in the southwest, we serve our community by acting as an independent source of information, cultural expression, and a catalyst for civic engagement in the region; however, as a nonprofit, we rely heavily on events such as our Winter 2016 Online Auction, to provide the funds necessary to continue to serve our community with the same level of excellence as we have for the past 35 years.

We would like to thank our sponsors....