Lion's Roar Foundation – 12th Annual Lion's Roar Foundation Auction
Auction Ends: Nov 26, 2018 10:00 PM EST


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That's it for 2018.

It's all over now but for introducing bidders to donors and that will be a full-time job until Thursday, November 29.

If you're a successful bidder two things happen next:

  • first you receive a message telling you that your item or items have been awarded to you. That stage has now been concluded.
  • second you'll receive a message from me introducing you to the donor of your item or telling you that your item is shipping from our office in Canada. Either way you'll hear from me by regular email on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • if your credit card payment failed you'll get a message telling you so and the above will be put on hold until payment has been made. The steps for doing so are described in the "purchase failed" message you received.

Until then and to those of you both successful and otherwise supportive, thank you for taking part and for making this another successful year for Lion's Roar Foundation. 

Cindy Littlefair

Auction Coordinator

(Pictured: Thich Nhat Hanh: Large "This is it" Print)


Who benefits? Simply put, our readers!

We hope that you, like us, find the auction an enjoyable way to support our efforts: every purchase you make benefits the Foundation's ongoing work. Both Buddhadharma: the Practitioner's Quarterly and are examples of the types of initiative the Lion's Roar Foundation has been able to mount with the assistance of fundraising. The proceeds from this auction will be directed similarly. 

We are tremendously grateful to auction donors - the advertisers, contributing artists and writers, and supporters - whose generosity in each of our nine years has allowed us to present this auction.