The Las Lomitas Education Foundation – LLEF Events 2019
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For our kids, every slingshot, every slime incident, every Minecraft build, every “why can you see the moon during the day” question… is the sign of a budding, curious scientist. Science by nature is experiential and we want to do everything we can to inspire, educate and prepare the next generation to address the challenges of the future.

Our District has done so much to enrich our children’s reading, writing and math achievement and with the adoption of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) it’s time to FOCUS ON SCIENCE! Professional development for our teachers in the new standards is well underway, we are piloting new curriculum across grade levels next year and we want to infuse our schools with science.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 to bring science to life in our schools with inspiring, educational science experiences throughout the year. Each grade will brainstorm those experiences that align with the phenomena they are exploring and select the experiences that will ignite learning in those fields of study. Please join us in donating today by using this donation link. 

Below are some ideas from our teachers:

School Assemblies - Lawrence Hall of Science, “Physics Guys,” Zoo Mobile, Happy Hollow Animals, Peopleologie, Mad Science, Crab Cab, Insect Lab, Space Science Weather Balloon

Expert Speakers - Astronauts, geneticists, physicists, biologists, geologists, engineers, archeologists, and YOU!

Field Trips - CuriOdyssey, Hiller Aviation Museum, Fantastic Trash, Hidden Villa Farm, California Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium, Marine Science Institute, Tech Museum, Redwood City slough, Chabot Space Museum

Installations - Weather stations at each school, Kindergarten garden (mobile hydroponic or in-ground)

Introducing the Parent/Teacher Science Forum! We want YOU to share your STEM expertise with our students so they can see science at work in the world. Our teachers are excited to bring STEM experts into the classroom to support science learning. Signup at -