WATER FOR CHILDREN AFRICA INCORPORATED – Albert Einstein Academies Walk For Water 2020
Auction Ends: Dec 23, 2020 08:00 PM PST

Auction POSTPONED! Thank you - We will return with the support of Albert Einstein!

The Albert Einstein Academies Walk For Water 2020 is now POSTPONED. Thank you all for taking the time to point, click and bid in order to support WATER FOR CHILDREN AFRICA INCORPORATED.

As with the rest of the country, we were hoping for an opportunity to continue our Auction and Walk For Water 2020 activities.  

Postponing the end of the Auction until 20 MAY was hopeful until the decision was finalized: Albert Einstein Academies is committed to distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  

The AEA Administration informed Water for Children Africa that their support would resume in the Fall of 2020 - when the students returned to campus.  The difficulties of shifting the entire 800 students to "online learning" was a feat that required all hands on deck.  We will work hard to provide a Covid-19 sensitive Auction after Labor Day 2020 (7 SEP 2020).

We appreciate the bidders that made an effort to bid on the items available.  We have decided that the best chance to support the WCA Schools and Rural Villages in Africa this year, will be to work with the Albert Einstein Faculty & Staff to maximize the focus on "life sustaining" water, and the International Baccalaureate educational advancement of their 800 students.

Therefore, we must suspend this auction, and launch again when the students and their families can return to campus.

We appreciate those who have bid on our items and hope that you understand the decision of our Board.

Respectfully,  Water For Children Africa and Albert Einstein Academies

Auction is Suspended due to Covid-19 school closure - and event difficulties!