Mosesian Center for the Arts – Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association On-line Auction
Auction Ends: Oct 26, 2020 10:00 PM EDT

Boston-Strasbourg Sister City Association             On-line Auction 

The Boston-Strasbourg Sister City Association On-line Auction HOSTED by the Mosesian Center for the Arts is now open!

The auction will run from October 6, 2020 to October 26, 2020

The Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association (BSSCA) is a nonprofit organization that has fostered a relationship between the sister cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Strasbourg, France for 60 years.  

In 2020, to commemorate its 60th anniversary, the BSSCA sponsored an international art project called Art on Science: 26 études (AS26). This initiative paired 26 artists with 26 scientists, half from each city. Science was the catalyst for artistic expression, and art was the catalyst for scientific observation. 

The goal was to produce two portfolios of artwork based on scientific themes, with each piece of art having a commentary written by the scientist partner. The collaborations involved artists visiting laboratories and scientists visiting studios. The topics are diverse and range from the effects of climate change to the exploration of the cosmos. The results are compelling, beautiful, and thought provoking. 

One portfolio was exhibited in Boston last fall, and the second portfolio is currently on view in Strasbourg, concurrent with this auction. Each of the 26 original artworks in this auction will be accompanied by the scientist?s written commentary. The auction proceeds will be used to support future BSSCA cultural exchanges. 

The BSSCA is grateful to the talented artists and esteemed scientists on both sides of the Atlantic for their contributions to the AS26 project. 

The BSSCA extends a special thanks to the Mosesian Center for the Arts for hosting this auction to promote artistic expression and cultural awareness.  

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