FRIENDS OF HOMELESS ANIMALS – Anne Lewis Birthday Celebration 2022
Auction Ends: Jul 18, 2022 10:00 PM EDT

Welcome to our Anne Lewis Birthday Celebration!

The Anne Lewis Birthday Celebration 2022 is now open! We are so excited that you have decided to help us celebrate our founder's birthday month by sponsoring one of our amazing animals or helping to cover the cost of feeding them all for a day.

If you are sponsoring a pet for a month you will receive an email certificate acknowledging your amazing gift. We will provide your animal with a special toy and treat in your honor. We are hoping to have a sponsor for each of our available animals by the end of our campaign. If the dog or cat you've sponsored gets adopted, your sponsorship will go towards another dog or cat waiting for their forever homes!

Or you may want to help cover the cost to feed the animals for a day. It costs us about $75 a day to provide 2 meals a day (sometimes 3). Some of our animals are on expensive medicated food to help with skin conditions, ear infections, weight issues, urinary and digestive issues. We are really hoping to have generous donors cover a full month of feeding in honor of Anne Lewis and her legacy.

Thank you so much for helping us fund a need this month!

Choose your Fund a Need item now!

Now is your chance to either sponsor one of our animals or help cover the cost to feed them for a day.