Movie Poster Archives – Halloween 2022
Auction Ends: Oct 5, 2022 08:00 PM CDT

Movie Poster Archives
Halloween Auction is Open!

Closing October 5

Thank you for participating in our auctions! This is a vital source of funding as we grow and develop programs and organize the vast amount of material that we have received. We really appreciate it.

This is our HALLOWEEN AUCTION...and we want to try something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The apparent favorite genre is Horror/Sci-fi as we are constantly being asked about what we have in our files.

So, what if we had an auction that was NOTHING BUT HORROR AND SCI/FI!! We have some excess pieces on some phenomenal titles!! Both blockbusters AND really obscure. But with our smaller staff, we would have to handle it differently.

So, here's the deal:

  • A new batch will be added every Wednesday until Sept. 28th
  • Bidding is open until the auction ends Oct. 5

We have another batch of fantastic and obscure horror/sci-fi titles we just added to MPA?s upcoming Halloween Auction.  The lots added are all stills - Check out the titles:

Dracula, Prince of Darkness - 1966
House of Whipcord - 1974
How to Make a Monster - 1958
Human Duplicators - 1964
Humanoids From the Deep - 1980
I Bury the Living - 1958
I Drink Your Blood - 1971
I Married a Monster From Outer Space - 1958
Incredible Petrified World - 1959
Invasion of the Animal People - 1962
Invasion of the Saucermen - 1957
Invisible Boy - 1957
Invisible Dr. Mabuse - 1965
Invisible Invaders - 1959
Island of Terror - 1967
Island of the Burning Damned - 1971
It! The Terror From Beyond Space - 1958
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein - 1957
I Was a Teenage Werewolf - 1957
Jack the Ripper - 1960
Jaws of Revenge - 1987
Journey to the 7th Planet - 1961
Jumanji - 1995
Killers From Space - 1954
Killer That Stalked New York - 1950
King Dinosaur - 1955
Kingdom of the Spiders - 1977
King Kong Escapes - 1968
Kronos - 1957
Labyrinth - 1986
Leech Woman - 1960
Legend - 1986
Leopard Man - 1943
Let?s Scare Jessica to Death - 1971
Lost World - 1960
Macabre - 1958
Mad Doctor of Blood Island - 1969
Mad Executioners - 1965
Mad Magician - 1954
Magic Sword - 1961
Magic Voyage of Sinbad - 1962
Magnetic Monster - 1953
Manfish - 1956
Mansion of the Doomed - 1976
Manster - 1962
Man Who Could Cheat Death - 1959
Man Without a Body - 1957
Tiger Man - R49



Movie Poster Archives is honoring our mission to make people happy and making space by auctioning donated original movie posters, stills, celebrity photos, and more selected from over 1,000,000 items in our repository. The vaults are open to fund our programs for the preservation and study of movie paper, exhibits, and education.

Every item is inspected and evaluated by our archivists Ed and Sue Poole. Their descriptions clearly state what's known about each item.  The Smithsonian, Heritage Auctions, collectors, dealers, and even the FBI trust their knowledge and experience. 

Treasured Historical Artifacts

Movie posters tell us who we are, where we're from, and inspire who we want to be. And they're fun!  

Our purpose is to create a vast digital and physical archive for the preservation and research of movie paper. Movie posters are fragile. They were created as disposable advertising and were never meant to last. Vulnerable to fire, water, sunlight, and the ravages of time, most have disappeared into history.

Movie Posters have an intrinsic value to film enthusiasts, and these fragile relics are a treasure trove for the study of film, art, history, and social attitudes. They illustrate our outlooks on race, women, sexuality, politics, and every other aspect of human endeavor and behavior through the decades.

Shipping is combined and packed with care. 

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. We make every effort to securely pack your items and that takes time. Unfortunately, recent changes in the U.S. Postal Service also mean deliveries are taking longer. Feel free to contact us if you are concerned about your shipment.