Multi-School Fossil-Free Divestment Fund – Divest Fund's Climate Change Auction
Auction Ends: Dec 13, 2015 10:00 PM EST

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Multi-school Fossil Free Divestment Fund: A tool in the Fossil Fuel Divestment movement. The divestment movement, now sanctioned by the United Nations, burgeoned in 2012 in an effort to halt man-made global climate change. Hundreds of fossil fuel divestment campaigns have sprung up on campuses, in towns and cities, and within religious communities. Many of these campaigns have been successful, and fossil fuel divestment is already having a large impact on the industry. The Multi-School Fossil-Free Divestment Fund is a donor-advised fund that collects tax-deductible donations from university alumni, students, faculty and friends and responsibly invests them until the chosen university divests. The purpose of the fund is to leverage the greatest power that alumni hold: our annual giving capacity. University alumni donated $10 billion to their Alma maters in 2014. Yet it is not just the dollar amount that counts. 5% of university rankings are based on percentage of alumni giving. This is the real power of diverting donations. It is a strong message to the institution that its alumni no longer support investment in fossil fuels. ??A?A?If it??A?A?s wrong to wreck the climate then it??A?A?s wrong to profit from that wreckage.??A?A? -- Bill McKibben

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