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The Authors Guild Foundation is the charitable and educational arm of the Authors Guild. It educates, supports, and protects American writers to ensure that a rich, diverse body of literature can flourish. It does this by advocating for authors’ rights; providing resources, programs, and tools to authors across the United States; and promoting an understanding of the value of writers. The Foundation believes that an abundance of free literary expression is essential to our democracy, and that can only be achieved by protecting authors’ constitutional and moral right to benefit from their work. It is the sole group of its kind dedicated to empowering all U.S. authors. Its founding members included Saul Bellow, John Hersey, Madeleine L’Engle, Sidney Offit, James A. Michener, Toni Morrison, Elizabeth Janeway, and Barbara Tuchman. Through its programs, the Authors Guild Foundation seeks to: EMPOWER authors by educating them in the business of authorship and equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need FOSTER diverse voices in American literature PROMOTE the ability of writers to earn a livelihood so they can keep writing DEFEND authors’ rights to free expression, to prevent erosion of the exchange of knowledge and ideas ADVOCATE for strong, effective intellectual property laws and fair treatment of authors, so that writing remains a viable profession

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